Critical Kush Marijuana Strain Review

The perfect cannabis strain is Critical Kush. It has a powerful high with a THC concentration of 29 percent! It also contains some CBD. It has several advantages, including the ability to minimize pain and inflammation. Barney’s Farm kindly provided us with Critical Kush, which is the multi-award-winning indica that has made a name for […]

Agent Orange Marijuana Strain Review

The Agent Orange strain of cannabis, named for the notorious chemical, is non-toxic. In reality, it’s been utilized for its cheerful and euphoric high, which has the power to induce fits of giggling. It has a sweet citrus flavor, similar to lemons and oranges, that is also associated with positive emotions. Despite its name, which […]

Psilocybin and PTSD: A Promising Solution?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a severe condition in which the physical effects of a traumatic event influence people’s daily activities. The most common treatment for PTSD is psychotherapy combined with antidepressant medications, although some patients may continue to experience symptoms after completing this therapy approach. Psychedelics have been found to be both safe and […]

What Is Microdosing Mushrooms

Psilocybin mushrooms are one of the most popular psychedelics across the planet. Users typically consume these natural entheogens because they induce hallucinogenic side effects, such as visual and aural distortions. Many individuals, however, have been experimenting with low doses of the fungus lately, known as ‘mushroom microdosing.’ What exactly are microdosing mushrooms, and why have […]

Psilocybin Legality in the USA

The short answer is no, for the millions of Americans who are asking the question, “Is psilocybin legal in the United States?” Psilocybin is still a Schedule I illegal drug under the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA’s) Controlled Substances Act, which bans it across the country. However, the recent decriminalization of small amounts of narcotics (including […]

Best Marijuana Strains That Have a Tropical Taste

There are now hundreds of cannabis strains, each with its own set of characteristics. As a result, growers and connoisseurs from all walks of life can readily discover anything they’re searching for. Marijuana plants have a wide range of fragrances and aromas, some of which are more abundant than others. Every strain has its own […]