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live resin 3 - About Live Resin

Cannabis has changed a lot since the golden era. There are more regulations and restrictions on cannabis than there ever were before, and understanding them is crucial for remaining in compliance. It’s no longer enough to have your pipe and papers ready or to dig out your lighter these days. Nowadays, several different ways to take THC exist, alongside many additional THC products. If you’re perplexed by the lingo and goods of the modern cannabis industry, you aren’t alone. Some expertise is required to make use of the newest generation of cannabis items — which is why we may help you.

live resin 2 - About Live Resin

Desert Extracts was created as a means for cannabis users to get high-potency goods that are valued for their quality and safety, assuring a better experience and a clean high. Live resin concentrates are our specialty, and once you try them, you’ll see the difference. But what if you’re new to cannabis extracts, especially live resin ones? There’s no need to be concerned; we’ll explain everything there is to know about live resin in detail.

What is Live Resin?

Why are there so many new cannabis products and methods to consume now? The explanation is evolution. This does not imply that cannabis plants have changed into some of today’s most popular illicit drugs such as sugar, wax, or shatter; rather, it reflects the fact that the whole marijuana industry has evolved through application of science to a centuries-old recreational pastime and treasured natural remedy.

These extracts, which are derived from the cannabis plant, are made by boiling buds, leaves, and seeds of various strains together. They’re used to make food more palatable for animals that don’t eat much through providing them a seemingly similar taste. This is expected to be an enormous growth industry due in large part to the growing number of people using medical marijuana each year. Although these products aren’t yet FDA-approved as prescription drugs — despite what some news organizations have claimed – they may still be prescribed as herbal medicines in California under certain circumstances (such on a case-by-case basis).

Live resin extracts are a type of cannabis concentrate with a great deal of terpene content. Live resin preserves more of the terpene content found in fresh plants through a unique freezing and extraction procedure when compared to other extracts and concentrates. Manufacturers have trouble making it because to the chemical reactions and expensive equipment required.

Benefits of Live Resin Extracts

  • Contains More of the Complete Plant
  • Higher Concentration of Terpenes
  • More Complex, Fuller Flavor
  • Stronger Aroma
  • Captures the Complete Chemical Profile
  • Improved Therapeutic Benefits
  • Increased Synergistic Effect

It’s All About the Terpenes

If the goal of live resin extracts is to keep terpene levels high, you might be asking, “What are terpenes and why do we want more of them?” Terpenes are aromatic oils found in cannabis plants that give them their distinct tastes and smells. Each plant has its own personalized blend of terpenes, much like a fingerprint. When you consider how many different types of terpenes there are and the various elements that influence how they form within a single plant, you may begin to comprehend how limitless the variations possibilities might be.

Although THC and CBD are well-known cannabis compounds, most people are unfamiliar with terpenes. Terpenes, on the other hand, have not received as much attention. Terpenes are believed to have a significant impact on the therapeutic use of cannabis. In other words, various types of terpenes are considered to be responsible for producing varied medicinal benefits including pain alleviation, anxiety relief, depression treatment, and even epilepsy cure.

Terpenes have anti-inflammatory properties, which may help CBD and THC absorption, increase appetite, decrease nausea/vomiting. It’s also been suggested that terpenes work in combination with other cannabinoids such as CBD and THC by enhancing the impact of each component.

The Pros and Cons of Live Resin

Every new product has its advantages and disadvantages. Live resin isn’t something that you can easily produce at home, like most concentrates do. The greater taste and smoother experience, to say the least, puts it head and shoulders above other goods on the market.

With all those fragrant terpenes intact, there are disadvantages to seeking for a greater experience. To produce it, you’ll need laboratory equipment, and freezing something cryogenically has its own problems. Putting cannabis in liquid nitrogen is the basic idea.

Live resin is more difficult to produce than other concentrates, which adds significantly to the expense. These are generally rather strong, with a significant potency as a selling point not just for the scent but also for its ability to get you extremely high.

When comparing great cannabis to excellent cannabis, it’s worth noting that traditional dry cured cannabis has a THC content of 20 percent. Some live resin strains have concentrations of 65 and 95 percent, respectively.

Because it’s a new product, sourcing might be difficult, particularly for people who live in regions like Europe. To be sure you’re buying from a reliable manufacturer in the United States, double-check.

However, recent years have seen a surge in popularity for live resin. If you want your concentrate to be as pure as possible, it’s an excellent alternative.

How is Live Resin Made?

live resin - About Live Resin

The process of producing live resin is what gives it its distinctiveness. Extracting live resin requires a substantial amount of expertise and specialized equipment, which you cannot acquire simply reading a quick start guide and viewing a YouTube video. Because terpene preservation is the primary goal of live resin extraction, each stage of the procedure is intended to preserve all aspects of the plant while minimizing damage or deterioration as much as possible.


The technique of producing live resin begins with fresh cannabis. This is where the similarities between live resin and other concentrates end. Traditional concentrates need the plant to go through a drying and curing process, which has a significant impact on terpene degradation. Because fresh plants that haven’t been subjected to drying or heat are used in live resin extraction, there will be less terpene loss than in traditional extractions.


After the plants are harvested, it’s critical to get them processed as soon as possible. If plants are left to sit for extended periods of time, moisture might accumulate, the leaves may dry out, or they can be subjected to excessive light and heat. All of these factors negatively impact product quality and terpene preservation. That’s why, right after harvesting, freshly harvested cannabis is flash-frozen to subcritical temperatures almost immediately. Freezing not only stops the metabolic processes but also ensures that all of a plant’s desirable components are retained.


After the plants have been frozen, they’re ready for extraction. The live resin is extracted again with chilly solvents in order to retain the greatest terpene content. Extraction is done using specialized equipment and butane is frequently used as the solvent. It begins by sending solvent into the first tank where it is pushed through the plant materials under pressure, extracting desirable components (THC, CBD, terpenes, and other cannabinoids) while discarding spent plant parts.


The distillation technique is the final stage. The solvent containing the concentrate is passed through another chamber that purifies the solution, removing undesirable fats and waxy residues while leaving only a pure, concentrated oil. This process is critical for providing live resin extracts their full taste and smell while getting rid of any unwanted components that may spoil your experience.

Final Product

The end result of live resin extraction is a high-quality product that incorporates scientific principles and processes. To prevent the plants from heat, oxygen, and light, enormous attention is paid to their protection. While terpene content and variety will differ among plants, the process of live resin extraction aids in preserving the present terpene content.


Many people today utilize cannabis for medical purposes, especially ones like chronic pain and nausea. Live resin, for example, can aid with a variety of symptoms while terpenes may actually contribute to improved health outcomes than great scent and taste alone, according to some research. There’s still a lot of study to be done in this area, but there could be plenty more surprises once we learn the truth about cannabis and how terpenes impact health.

Live resin’s main advantages right now are its improved fragrance and taste, as well as greater amounts of cannabinoids. The issue is that you will have to spend more money than you would for other concentrates like shatter and wax.

Because we require the specific talents to create it, we won’t see the cost drop anytime soon. We won’t notice the price decrease as a result of a dearth of demand. The fact that cannabis has been legalized in so many states, on the other hand, might open up opportunities for more wholesale production as this sort of goods must be obtained from a reliable source.

It’s worth a try even if you don’t want to spend as much on concentrates. Even if you return to more affordable and readily accessible concentrate, it is still well worth it for connoisseurs.

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