Best Morning Strains

What if you combined coffee and marijuana to create a “jolt” that would get you out of bed?

On this page, you’ll find out about the greatest morning marijuana strains and how they may help you get a boost of energy to start your day.

Is it possible to combine coffee with cannabis? We’ll get into it in a bit.

Why are Some Cannabis Strains Best Toked During the Day?

You may discover that certain cannabis strains invigorate you while others leave you immobilized on the sofa.

This is due to the fact that each strain has its own set of effects. Sativas are the greatest morning strains for waking up with a burst of energy. They’re known for providing the extra push you need to get things done.

The Sativa strains in this list will help you gain more energy and motivation to get things done.

Here are some of our other favorite sativas:

  • Super Lemon Haze Autoflower
  • Sativa Seed Mixpack
  • AK-47 Feminized Seeds
  • Super Lemon Haze Feminized
  • Amnesia Haze Feminized
  • LSD Autoflower

Sativa strains have additional benefits as well, including enhanced creativity and productivity, which helps to explain why they’re so popular.

Indica strains are famous for their sedative properties, whereas sativa strains are well-known for their energetic effects (also known as couch lock).

Indicas are effective for therapeutic applications, but they also induce drowsiness and relaxation. At the end of the day, a decent indica will drop you off to sleep.

However, the effects of cannabis aren’t solely determined by its strain. Terpenes are another key element.

Terpenes and Cannabis

Terpenes are a type of chemical compound that is found in marijuana and gives strains their unique fragrant aroma and taste. But did you know that terpenes also play a role in the therapeutic effects of cannabis?

Not only that, terpenes including limonene and α-Pinene (alpha-pinene) have been linked to improving energy. And wouldn’t you know it, those two varieties are more common in sativa strains? Limonene is a type of terpene that has been shown in studies to improve mood and reduce anxiety.

Other types of terpenes found in sativa, outside of simply providing you with a boost of energy, make them the ideal strains to use first thing in the morning.

Corydene, on the other hand, is an example. It can aid in the prevention of morning headaches, improve moods, soothe nerves, and even destroy disease-causing germs.

The entourage effect is a kind of reaction in which various compounds in cannabis interact with one another.

Terpenes are significantly affected by this. Depending on the other types of chemical compounds present, they can alter their effects or increase their potency.

Best Weed Strains for Morning Use

If you’re ready to try your hand at a morning strain for yourself, check out this list of the greatest wake and bake strains. If you want to grow these on your own, be sure to pick up my marijuana grow bible, which covers everything you need to boost your yields and take good care of your plants:

Jack Herer Strain

The indica-dominant Jack Herer sativa-dominant hybrid strain is 55% sativa, and it’s often referred to as “the ideal blend” since it uplifts your mood while also providing a clear-headed high that allows you to focus on everyday activities.

Though it’s referred to as a combination of coffee, its flavor is hardly reminiscent of coffee. The taste is mostly earthy and woodsy with just hints of lemon, pine, and pepper. There’s also a little bit of fruit salad and spice on the finish.

The scent is somewhat closer to the flavor than it was in the original strain, with a note of pine and citrus. Overall, Jack Herer demonstrates what a sativa strain is about: limonene-rich, which gives it an orangey flavor and smell.

Green Crack Strain

Green Crack’s 75% sativa genetics are on full display when you smoke it. Unlike other cross-breeds, this sativa-dominant strain doesn’t hold back with its effects. You’ll feel euphoric and joyful after smoking Green Crack due to its strong and immediate head high.

Despite its effects, you still feel at ease and calm. Green Crack has a barely perceptible citrus flavor that goes well with its fruity and sweet undertones. The pleasant fragrance of mangoes and other delicious fruits only adds to the Caribbean island atmosphere with its presence.

Durban Poison Strain

Durban Poison is the only sativa on this list.

This popular strain is well-known across the world due to its distinct sweetness in both flavor and aroma. Its flavor profile complements its powerful uplifting qualities and energetic high, making it one of the finest morning strains for shaking off lethargy.

There’s a sweetness to it that cuts through the earthy flavor, and there are hints of pine and citrus throughout. It also has a sweet fragrance in its buds, which becomes more apparent after smoking them.

Durban Poison is excellent for individuals who wake up feeling worn out and sluggish. It’s one of the most effective morning cannabis strains for alleviating that sluggishness while improving energy and mood.

Sour Diesel Strain

This rightly dubbed sativa-dominant strain has a notably fast-acting effect that leaves you wired and energized. It’s ideal if you’re stressed but want to stay focused on your daily chores. This morning strain, like its name implies, has a powerful diesel aftertaste.

The sour hints are certain to be overwhelmed by the diesel flavor. It’s a acquired taste, but many people have found it as their favorite. The fragrance is supposed to have undertones of sour lemon and herbs, but the pungent odor of diesel masks any other scent. Overall, Sour Diesel isn’t for everyone. However, it’s wonderful for reducing tension and keeping you energized throughout the day.

Pineapple Express Strain

To complete this collection of the greatest morning strains, I saved the most well-known one for last. The term “Pineapple Express” was originally used in a joke to describe an unidentified cannabis plant that weighed approximately 100 pounds and produced a resin like orange cheese.

Pineapple Express is a great daytime strain that helps to lift your spirits and maintain that euphoric feeling throughout the day. Its name comes from the tropical tastes you experience when smoking it. It has a strong tang of pineapple and mango. The buds have an extremely powerful odor, which smells like sweet tropical fruits mixed with a hint of earthiness. This is the bud for you if you’re searching for a fruity strain to start your day with a clear-headed high.

Pairing Cannabis with Coffee

You may have considered combining two stimulants to observe the effects. You aren’t the only one who is interested in this topic. What are the effects of mixing cannabis and coffee together? Is it dangerous to combine them?

There were no studies that investigated the negative effects of combining the two, however there was a fascinating study about monkeys. In 2014, researchers examined how squirrel monkeys responded to THC doses that were offered the option to continue taking THC after being given a chemical compound with similar effects as caffeine (MSX-3).

In the study, low doses of MSX-3 caused monkeys to take less THC and higher doses made them give themselves more THC. This suggested that small amounts of caffeine might enhance your high, but it could have the opposite impact in bigger doses. However, this study isn’t definitive, so it may not translate to people.

Another consideration is the fact that THC isn’t the only chemical found in cannabis; there’s also CBD and terpenes to consider. If you’re still interested and want to give it a go for yourself, start small. Start out with just a few puffs and some drinks before progressing to more. Here are some great seed deals. Buy 10 seeds and get 10 free!


There are a number of benefits to choosing the finest marijuana strains for morning usage: the different varieties of terpenes can provide a better buzz than coffee imaginable due to the stimulating effects.

Why should you choose between coffee and cannabis when you may enjoy them both?

FAQs About Morning Cannabis Strains

Should you take CBD in the morning?

If you’re the kind of person who feels sluggish and foggy-headed in the morning, yes! CBD can assist you get your head clear so you can start your day on a high note.

Are hybrid strains good for daytime use?

Yes, of course. Hybrid strains are a combination of sativa and indica, yet they provide the clear-head high and alertness you desire in the morning. In fact, all of the strains listed above, with the exception of Durban Poison, are hybrid strains.

What is microdosing?

Microdosing is a form of dosing in which you ingest marijuana in tiny amounts. It’s popular among daytime users and becomes more so since it allows for a stronger high with fewer negative side effects.

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