Cannabis Ice Cream Recipe

Cannabis Ice Cream 3 - Cannabis Ice Cream Recipe

It’s summertime, and nothing beats a scoop of your favorite ice cream to cool you down and enjoy a little bit of pleasure. What about making it from marijuana? We’ll show you how to do this in the following article, as well as the factors to consider, such as decarboxylation, to keep the benefits of cannabis.

Have you ever wondered what I enjoy most about walking around town nowadays, especially with the warm weather here? Take a glance at the new ice-cream shops that have opened! And yesterday, I noticed one in a bright verdant color that caught my attention. “Will it be marijuana ice cream?” I inquired. . “And no, it wasn’t; it was matcha green tea instead. But this piqued my interest?

Cannabis Ice Cream - Cannabis Ice Cream Recipe

It’s an excellent notion! Of course! While I was looking for and preparing marijuana-based recipes like coffee, brownies, truffles, milk, and others delicious tastes, I also disregarded the fact that I could make it in ice cream.

Have you considered it? Do you want any? If that’s the case, please stay! Today I’m going to show you how to create marijuana ice cream, and it would be helpful if you took notes on the components and techniques involved, but please note some hints for marijuana ice cream so that it tastes like cannabis yet delivers its effects. Let’s go!!

Ingredients for cannabis ice cream

The fact is that I’ve come across numerous variations of this ice cream to create, so I’ve stayed with the one I felt was the simplest as well as the one I liked most in terms of flavor (yes, I have tested a number and will stick with the one I am going to offer you next)

  • Although there is no definitive answer regarding how much THC is in one gram of Cherry Pie cannabis, it’s generally estimated to be between 0.2 and 2.5 grams (depending on the user). My suggestion is to avoid a strain that causes you to fall asleep since you’ll want to keep going throughout the day. Keep this in mind while picking a strain.
  • For the purpose of preserving nutrients, 1 kg fresh cannabis buds should be ground with a blender or food processor (250 g for cooking because it is thicker and the fat is required to retain all of cannabis’s qualities).
  • 2 parts water to 1 part vinegar. Add the salt and pepper after everything else is done, just before serving.
  • 75 grams of sugar (or if you prefer another sweetener to taste that is healthier, no problem either: stevia, agave, maple, coconut or birch syrup, for example).
  • 2 ripe bananas (so that there are no problems when preparing them and because they will give more flavor to your ice cream.
  • A pinch of salt (you know all desserts have it).
  • Rum (2 tablespoons) with honey ( 5 tablespoons; if the honey is pure, better than better).

From there, you may add any other ingredients that appeal to you. Cookies, coconuts, almonds, or mint are just a few of the possibilities. In this situation, because they’re foods that go well with rum and honey without sacrificing taste, fragrance, or characteristics of the marijuana you choose for your cannabis ice cream

Things to consider before starting the recipe

Cannabis Ice Cream 2 - Cannabis Ice Cream Recipe

If you’ve already memorized all of the ingredients for this meal, all you have to do now is get started. But first, let’s speak about decarboxylation. My buddy asked me the other day, “What does decarboxylate mean?” I’m sure it surprised you too. If you’re planning on preparing any marijuana meals, I’m confident you’ve done it previously.

When you smoke or vape cannabis, the THCa in the plant is changed to THC. Then you may enjoy the high or unwind with each strain‘s distinct characteristics. When it comes to cooking, however, things are a little different. To begin with, and if you’ve ever tried one of our recipes before, you’ll know they all need some oil or a fat ingredient like cream in order for them to display marijuana’s qualities.

If you want to achieve the same outcome with ice cream, follow these steps in the correct order. To do this, maintain the marijuana buds in an oven heated for 10 minutes beforehand (which will have been heated for 10 minutes prior)

 Making marijuana ice cream step by step

I’m going through with it now. You may make your own marijuana ice cream by following the steps below:

Step 1: Heat the cream in a saucepan over a medium heat, stirring slowly with a wooden spoon, then add the butter, salt and sugar all at once while continuing to stir.

Step 2: Remove the microwave-safe container from the microwave and add the marijuana you’ve broken apart with a grinder or, if you prefer, by hand.

Step 3: Cut the banana into chunks and, using a fork, mash them. When ready, add the rum and honey. In a blender, combine all of the ingredients until smooth.

Step 4: After the dough has cooled, it should be placed in a container that can be frozen after mixing. I suggest making it in an easily accessible container like an ice cream tub that has been pre-frozen so you may serve yourself without delay. Allow him to freeze at least four hours.

You may now eat your cannabis ice cream! ? You’ve already seen that it’s not hard. Simply follow the steps in the first portion, combining all of the items listed, heating them in a casserole dish over a low heat, then beating them with a mixer and freezing for a few hours.

Another thing to consider is that the effect takes longer to manifest (it can take anything from one to two hours), but when it does, it’s far more significant. So don’t rush things by eating more: enjoy the taste and relax because the cannabis ice cream’s effects will arrive soon.

I’m ecstatic to introduce you to my new ice cream flavor, which was created in collaboration with the greatest cannabis farmers and chefs. I’ve encased it in this hard shell container so that you may take it with you wherever you go while still tasting like your favorite marijuana-infused edible. Today’s ice cream is particularly crafted for someone who prefers their ice cream chunky after eating.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy the ice cream, and if you love it, please leave a comment on this page and share it on social media. This way more people will be able to sample this summer (and all year). Have a nice dinner!

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