Cough Marijuana Strain Review

The Cough offers an incredibly high level of THC. It’s a rare sativa dominant hybrid strain with the greatest genetics in the world. The Cough has an average THC concentration of 15 to 19%, which can make you feel extremely stoned yet also euphoric and uplifted. It’s a fantastic choice for people suffering from glaucoma or stress who struggle to control their condition.

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The Cough is a sativa-dominant cross created by combining the genes of Northern Lights #5 and Haze. This strain is recognized for its earthy, hash tones with a little sour aftertaste, making it an appealing option.

This bud was called “cough-inducing smoke” because of its thick smoke. The strain’s diehard fans adore it for its euphoric high, which inspires them to be more social and talkative. This marijuana is perfect for sharing with friends while on a night out.


The Cough is extremely euphoric, and you will notice this from the first puff onwards. The strain is popular because its effects come on quickly and stay with you longer than those of a typical hybrid plant.

The Pennywort is good for your mood, too! Its smell and taste are quite pleasant, so try it. It’s a great plant to add some zest to the season or just because you need a pick-me-upper after a long and tough week

This beautiful bud is also hunger pangs, so you may expect a trip to the kitchen at any given moment with it. The Cough will provide you with an extra burst of energy, which I never knew I needed, and will push you to be more active than usual.


The Sour D is famous for its sour flavor. The Cough has a strong citrus and herbal combination scent with a touch of spice. This plant is also earthy, with woody undertones that are quite pleasant and will linger in the air for an extended amount of time.


It has a distinct flavor, although it is quite similar to its scent. On the first draw, this bud has a pungent and sour piney taste to it, and will gradually develop into a spicy aftertaste in your mouth. On the exhale, you’ll get a sweet with citrus undertones on your lips.

Adverse Reaction

The Cough has a few unpleasant symptoms that some smokers may find somewhat aggravating. This strain may cause your mouth to become dry and, in extreme cases, induce coughing. Those who are unfamiliar with more powerful varieties might experience mild panic as a result of this bud’s intensity.

Some customers have reported feeling slightly paranoid while smoking this strain, so it’s advisable to keep the dose low. The Cough may make you feel dizzy and cause you to have a mild headache in some circumstances.


The Cough is a 100% indica strain that can help cure a variety of chronic diseases. This bud has been shown in studies to reduce eye pressure and relieve glaucoma symptoms, including pain and inflammation.

C. difficile reduces stress and elevates serotonin levels, making it a wonderful remedy for anxiety and depression. This strain may also assist those who suffer from chronic or difficult to manage stress. It can be taken first thing in the morning to prevent a nervous disposition. The Cough can help people with chronic depression by eliminating their pessimistic ideas.


Maxx Hybrid is a 70% sativa strain with sweet and spicy buds that can be smelled from a mile away. This bud is quite simple to cultivate and is highly resistant to typical molds, mildews, and other pests and illnesses.

Flowering Time


The amount of yield produced by a cough in an enclosed environment is estimated at 11 ounces per square meter. Before it’s ready to be picked, the bud should flower for around 8 to 9 weeks on average.


This sativa-dominant hybrid strain produces around 13 ounces per plant when grown outdoors. Lane outdoor cultivation should take until late October or early November to complete flowering.

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