Mango Strain Review

This strain, as you may have guessed, provides a strong high with the addition of sweet mango! It also aids in the treatment of stress and depression, as well as pain. As you might have assumed, this marijuana strain gives users a euphoric high with a touch of delicious mango! It also helps to reduce tension and anxiety.

It is thought that eating a mango before smoking cannabis will give you a better high. Vitamin A is abundant in the fruit, and it may possibly extend the impact of marijuana as a result. When you eat a mango, it has a large amount of terpene myrcene, which is absorbed directly into the circulation.

The interaction of THC and extra terpenes takes place after eating a mango, regardless if you eat one before or during/after smoking. According to reports, the strength of the high grows dramatically once the connection begins. If you have a sluggish metabolism, consume a mango up to two hours before using your cannabis. You may require two or even three mangoes to get the same effect if you have a rapid metabolism.

Why not eat mangoes before taking the Mango strain if you truly enjoy it? Let’s have a look to see how strong this marijuana is.

What is the Mango Strain?

Mango strain marijuana is a somewhat indica-dominant hybrid, and its exact birthplace is disputed. It was apparently generated by a hippy in the 1960s, and the variety we utilize today began as an experiment in 1991 when KC33 and Afghani were combined.

The original OG Kush was bred from a landrace strain grown by Greenhouse Seeds in the early 1990s. Back in 2002, it took third place in the High Times Cannabis Cup’s best indica category, and it has risen in popularity again since 2009, when it was named one of High Times’ greatest seeds of the year. It is a strain known for its lovely tropical scent and huge buds.


Mango strain marijuana has a lovely fruity fragrance that combines mango, citrus and an earthy note to fill a space. All it takes is a single sniff of this cannabis strain to be enticed.


The delicious flavor of tropical fruits mixes with a creamy lemon taste on the inhale, making it seem as if you’re eating a dessert instead of cannabis. The sweet and sour tastes of mango tantalize the tongue, as well as the sour mango aftertaste that lingers on the tongue and inside of the mouth. There’s also an underlying hint of earthy and citrus notes.


The fruit of the Mango tree is yellow when ripe, and it has greenish tints. The leaves should be completely red in color after the fruit is almost ripe; you’ll notice huge buds with crimson and violet hues on them.

Mango Strain Grow Info

Once you’ve acquired Mango strain seeds, it’s important to have a lot of patience. It’s a slow starter, but when it gets going, you’ll think it’s sprouting in front of your eyes! It eventually grows to a decent height (about one meter) with loads of flower and buds.

The buds are usually a sizable as a softball, so your plants may require additional support. You may shorten the flowering period of your crop to 7-9 weeks if you use the SOG (Sea Of Green) method for indoor growth. Trim the blooming time on a regular basis to regulate the rapid development spurt. If you want to grow cannabis indoors, it should produce up to nine ounces of bud per planted square meter.

If you want to raise Mango marijuana outdoors, expect a considerably greater yield (sixteen ounces per plant). The strain is generally ready for harvest in late September. If you have an outside garden and wish the plants to stay at a reasonable height, start growing indoors and shorten the vegetative phase by three weeks before transplanting outdoors. In the Northern Hemisphere, you may put the plants out as early as July if you live in a northern location.

It is critical to dry and cure Mango cannabis properly if you want it to taste good AND be potent after harvesting. If you want your plants to grow well, hang them upside down in a 55 percent to 62% humidity room. Allow approximately a week for the buds to dry before placing them in glass mason jars. Once every few days, open each jar for a few minutes once or twice a day. The longer you keep the marijuana in the jars, the better it tastes.

THC Content – Highest Test

Mango marijuana is available in a variety of strengths, ranging from 15% to 24% THC.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Even if you get a particularly powerful Mango strain, the high can be somewhat dampened by the substantial CBD level, which may range up to 10%.

What Can I Expect When I Use Mango Weed?

The high CBD content of mango makes it easy to handle the mango rush. It is, without a doubt, one of the most pleasant highs ever experienced. You should feel relaxed almost immediately and gain control of your emotions. Users report feeling a reduction in their concerns as well as a general “good-feel” sensation.

Cannasol CBD is our #1 recommended strain for after a tough day. If you have had an especially challenging day, we highly recommend using this particular strain since it can lift your spirits while also eroding any anger or worry. You may experience a modest energy boost, but overall, the high is balanced. Have some food on hand because this marijuana has the munchies potential.

Medical Benefits of Mango Marijuana

Because of its high CBD concentration, Mango is a well-known medical marijuana strain. People utilize it to treat persistent stress disorders since to its soothing effect. Mango cannabis is supposed to be a strong pain relief remedy, so consider using it to alleviate chronic discomfort and muscular spasms and joint problems.

Mango marijuana can be used to help manage symptoms of PTSD and depression. It may also assist you feel more optimistic by relaxing you. We propose using it at night as a sedative. If you have insomnia, try this cannabis an hour before bed to see if it helps you get enough rest.

Possible Side Effects of Mango Weed

The strain’s high CBD concentration again ensures that you get a strong high without being overwhelming. While some strains with a THC level of more than 20% might cause feelings of anxiety and paranoia, the primary side effects are minor, such as dry mouth and itchy eyes. If you’re a first-time user who overindulges, you could feel dizziness and a mild headache.

Final Thoughts on Mango Cannabis

Mango weed, also known as Jamaican cannabis or Rastaman marijuana, has been recognized by seasoned users as one of the finest three strains ever consumed. Its delectable mango taste makes it a must-try marijuana, and it’s simple to grow for novices. The yield is greater when grown indoors than when grown outdoors, so keep that in mind.

The Mango strain is unquestionably a nighttime variety since it helps you to unwind and relax. Although it provides an initial energy boost, you will quickly determine that relaxing on the sofa or in bed is a preferable alternative than attempting to accomplish any tasks. Make careful to use only as much as necessary and keep a glass of water and delectable foods on hand.

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