Outlaw Haze Cannabis Strain Review

The name of the Outlaw Haze variety is deceptive, in contrast to the Haze strain. While many people may believe this with a numbing high, it isn’t quite correct. The invigorating and uplifting qualities of the Outlaw Haze strain make it ideal for an afternoon pick-me-up or a night on the town with friends. It also has pleasant tastes, including spicy citrus and pine. You can also try VELVET HAZE.

The phrase “Outlaw Haze” is frequently used on internet sites of cannabis businesses, as well as in restaurant and coffee shop menus. If the term “Outlaw Haze” appears in a menu for a coffee shop or an online store for cannabis companies, it indicates their history.

Outlaw Haze has given rise to a slew of offshoots, many of which include the word “outlaw” in their name, that claim some link to the original 1960s Outlaw Haze strain.

The beginning strain was Outlaw Haze, which isn’t particularly unusual to come across in any dispensary nowadays. There isn’t much information available on Outlaw Haze, and why it has become such a popular choice among breeders throughout the world.

Let’s have a closer look at Outlaw Haze, and why it’s so popular among breeders.

What is the Outlaw Haze Cannabis Strain?

The Outlaw Haze cannabis strain is a 1960s Santa Cruz creation that mixes four sativa strains: South American, Thai, Mexican, and South Indian. The end result is a powerful sativa strain known for its lively and creative high. Since then, it’s been used to create other Outlaw Haze s. It has had a significant impact on the marijuana industry as a whole.

Outlaw Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain with cerebral effects, rather than a physical high. It’s perfect for individuals who want complete control of their bodies but don’t want to miss out on hours of their day – limited to their sofa unable to enjoy Outlaw Haze’s mental high.

Outlaw Haze is a motivational substance that may help you get through your day or accomplish difficult tasks. When out with friends, Outlaw Haze, which provides a lively and joyous high, is very popular, making for an enjoyable yet chill evening.

There are many different strains of cannabis on the market, and each offers something unique. Outlaw Haze is known for its potency, and a single long puff is enough to take you soaring. If you’re not sure how much Outlaw Haze will require, you might end up spending too much money. Many users have found that their first encounter with Outlaw Haze is far more powerful than they anticipated, and novice smokers have been documented as consuming only one lengthy puff.

It’s as if your mind is racing at a hundred miles per hour for the first few hours. Everything else seems to be progressing swiftly, and you’re driven to keep up in order to stay awake.

The energy of White Fire and Outlaw Haze is uplifting, ecstatic, optimistic, and hopeful. They have the power to brighten anything around you, making everything appear possible. This early portion of the high is frequently used to finish assignments or exercise more than they thought feasible.

It’s conceivable that Outlaw Haze makes you feel more at ease in social situations, such as when you’re self-conscious. It’s a lot easier to talk with others than it is usual; discussions just seem to flow easily.

Outlaw Haze produces a powerful effect that may last for hours, but it has a strong power to keep you going and focused for hours.

You’ll lose a lot of energy after Outlaw Haze has left your system. You may become drowsy and uninspired as a result of this. Given the mindset of an Outlaw Haze high, it’s no surprise that when such sentiments begin to dissipate, your body understands how tired it is and shuts down.


Some individuals have described the scent of Outlaw Haze as “toasty” and “warm,” while others find it to be both fresh and pungent. When you crush Outlaw Haze buds, a wonderful new yet distinct smell is released.

The distinctive flavor of Outlaw Haze is produced by a combination of tastes that are blended with a traditional cannabis scent to create a fragrant cloud. There’s a somewhat sweet citrus aroma when you exhale, which isn’t what you’d expect from such a strong marijuana strain.

The Outlaw Haze strain is a smooth-smoking type that is popular among newcomers because even heavy users can easily breathe it in. Because Outlaw Haze has no aftertaste or aroma and leaves no smoke residue, people who don’t like smoking joints frequently cough uncontrollably while doing so. Outlaw Haze may linger in the air for some time after you burn marijuana indoors.

What is the difference between Outlaw Haze’s flavor and its spicy-sweet fragrance?


The delicious smooth flavor of Lane Limited Editions allows even inexperienced smokers to take deep breaths as smoke enters their lungs and revitalizes their senses with a pleasant warm blend of spicy sweetness.

You’re immediately taken back to enjoying Christmas events with family and friends while using Outlaw Haze.

As the smoke passes through your system, any of the tastes that appear to be battling for your attention can now be removed. A faint earthy aftertaste remains in the background, allowing the more powerful citrus and spice components to battle it out.

As you exhale, the distinct tastes combine to form a pleasant yet revitalizing sensation in your mouth.


Undergrow leaves are a dark olive green with thin orange pistils, giving it a fluffy appearance. The leaves are dark green with thin orange pistils and give the plant an almost fluffy appearance.

Outlaw Haze leaves are extremely thin and green in color, which helps to make them seem like they’re made of plastic rather than real cannabis; the deep green color is almost too flawless to be genuine. The lack of texture on the leaves contributes to their phony appearance, but you may observe tiny pale green lines streaking throughout if you look at an Outlaw Haze leaf up close.

It’s possible that the name “Outlaw Haze” has a different meaning in other regions. Because of their long and thin leaves, they have a lot more bulk than other strains.

Outlaw Haze Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Outlaw Haze is recognized for its lengthy growth period, which can range from 14 weeks to several months when cultivated indoors. Despite this, Outlaw Haze has continued to be one of the most popular strains on the market.

Outlaw Haze takes longer to mature than most cannabis strains, so it’s not a good choice for beginners seeking rapid results. Those searching for a long-term investment should produce their own plants at home only if they are ready to put in a little more effort and time for a greater payout at the end.

Outlaw Haze plants may be cultivated in Santa Cruz, California’s climate and light. In colder climates, Outlaw Haze plants can also be grown inside.

The majority of molds that might harm and influence the development of cannabis plants are resistant to the plants in question, but it is a good idea to check your plant’s leaves on a regular basis, just as you would any other plant.

Outlaw Haze may be a hard plant to grow, and if this is the case, new growers may become overwhelmed. In the end, Outlaw Haze is a labor of love that is well worth the time and effort.

THC Content – Highest Test

Outlaw Haze contains a THC concentration of 21 percent, placing it in the center of the road when it comes to sativas. The higher-than-average THC content is partly responsible for Outlaw Haze’s strong intellectual high that can be felt after just a few puffs. When using Outlaw Haze, especially if you’re a new smoker or have a low THC tolerance, it’s recommended that you take things slowly.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Because of its generally acknowledged scarcity of any more than trace amounts, it’s impossible to assess the CBD content of Outlaw Haze. Because this strain has a high THC concentration and is difficult to find another one with a comparable THC and CBD ratio, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there isn’t much CBD in it.

Despite the fact that Outlaw Haze has a minor amount of CBD, it nevertheless offers several health advantages that make it worth considering for medical use. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should try Outlaw Haze to improve your health.

Medical Benefits of the Outlaw Haze Cannabis Strain

Outlaw Haze is an excellent strain for people who have attention deficit problems. The burst of energy and a greater focus help them to accomplish things without being sidetracked. Outlaw Haze can also be used to treat anxiety and depression, making it easier than ever to achieve even the most remote objectives.

Users of illegal haze might be able to go about their daily lives without feeling as though they’re accomplishing anything.

Outlaw Haze is a high-energy type of marijuana that’s often used to treat fatigue. Because Outlaw Haze is rich in energy, it’s a popular choice for treating lethargy. A few puffs of Outlaw Haze first thing in the morning might help you get ready for a hectic day, allowing you to redirect your attention away from tiredness.

Outlaw Haze is also beneficial for those who want to increase their appetite, making it an excellent strain for those taking appetite-suppressant medications. Outlaw Haze’s vitality-boosting qualities are also a great pick-me-up when confronted with life’s challenges.

Depending on the user, the high from Outlaw Haze lasts anywhere from one to three hours. Users who have drowsiness, lethargy, or a sleepy sensation that takes over their bodies after it wears off may find themselves unable to sleep. Because the initial effects of Outlaw Haze include a burst of energy that makes falling asleep more difficult, some preparation is suggested.

Taking Outlaw Haze an hour or two before bed may help some people get the most out of its energizing high while still feeling sleepy enough to nod off, allowing them to finish a few tasks from their to-do list before bed.

Possible Side Effects of the Outlaw Haze Cannabis Strain

If you’re smoking Outlaw Haze, be prepared for a dry mouth and throat as well as dehydration. In rare circumstances, it’s possible to experience dried eyes. It’s a smart idea to keep a glass of water on hand while smoking Outlaw Haze so that you can stay hydrated and minimize the negative effects. Dry eyes and a dry mouth shouldn’t last more than a few hours, and there are no long-term health consequences.

Some smokers report a feeling of paranoia and tension after taking large doses of Outlaw Haze. This is likely due to the strain’s greater than average THC concentration working in tandem with the larger amount. If you have a history of anxiety or paranoia, it’s best to start small with Outlaw Haze until your body has acclimated.

Outlaw Haze may cause everything to appear bent, as though you’re walking through a carnival’s maze of mirrors; this might be due to the mental race that is frequently induced when smoking Outlaw Haze.

Final Thoughts on the Outlaw Haze Cannabis Strain

Outlaw Haze is a popular choice among dog breeders for good reason: its distinctive sativa effects make it ideal for mixing with indicas for a well-balanced hybrid. Outlaw Haze has a classic sativa high, fueled by energy and drive, making it perfect for getting things done around the house or at the workplace.

The Haze has been a crucial aspect of my life for almost four years. I’ve just recently begun to get back into it, and it’s remarkable how quickly the days go when you’re having fun! It’s definitely worth adding to your list if you’re revisiting some old favorites or trying new kinds.

Outlaw Haze has seen a notable increase in recent years among medical users, owing to its wide array of health benefits and strong high. Outlaw Haze is a must-try strain for fans of the Outlaw Haze family since it provides effects without the use of any additional chemicals.

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