Sweet Tooth Marijuana Strain Review

Sweet Tooth is a delicious, sweet-tasting strain that’s going to make you crave sweets. The flavors of sweets, berries, and fruit make for one delectable smoke. It also induces a calm and relaxed state as well as euphoria. Overall, Sweet Tooth is worth its name in more than one way!

Sweet Tooth is a cannabis cup winner that boasts an eclectic blend of genes, which explains why it has such unusual effects.

What Is the Sweet Tooth Strain?

Steve from Spice of Life Seeds is said to have developed the Sweet Tooth strain beginning in 1995. It’s a three-way cross between a Nepalese, a Hawaiian, and an Afghani landrace strain. It won the High Times Cannabis Cup prize in 2001 and 2002 as well. Sweet Tooth marijuana is known for delivering long-lasting, highly gratifying smoke to its consumers.

Sweet Tooth Aroma

Sweet Tooth is a cannabis strain with the scent of baked cakes and sweets. This pleasant aroma will quickly fill a space, as well as that of fruit plucked fresh from a tree. There’s also the smell of flowers that lingers long after you’ve taken the strain out of the room.

Sweet Tooth Flavor

Fortunately, Sweet Tooth tastes as wonderful as it smells. The rich tree fruit and berry notes are lovely, as is the candy-flavored finish.

Sweet Tooth Appearance

Sweet Tooth plants are small and bushy, with a thick covering of trichomes that resemble sugar. They’re on the blooms, buds, and even the plant’s stalk! The verdant buds are frequently highlighted by peach-colored hair sprouting from them. Dried nuggets occasionally have a faint hint of purple about them.

Sweet Tooth Strain Grow Info

We recommend that you get Sweet Tooth seeds even if you are a novice grower because they are simple to maintain. Sweet Tooth is also low-maintenance in terms of both yield and maintenance, and it may be cultivated indoors or outdoors. It’s a robust plant with an exceptional immune system that resists pests.

Regardless of where you cultivate this strain, trim the dense foliage to give your buds adequate ventilation. Invest in a good fan to assist with the circulation of air in your cultivation room. It is a hardy plant that thrives best in cooler conditions, so maintain daytime temperatures between 68 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sweet Tooth cannabis strains are highly appreciated, especially in the United States. When cultivated indoors, it produces up to 16 ounces per square meter with a flowering period of 8-9 weeks. If you grow this variety outside, it will be ready for harvest in late September or early October, yielding up to 18 ounces each plant. We recommend feeding it plentifully throughout the vegetative stage to enable the plant to develop. Silica is an excellent supplement since it aids in the strengthening of branch structure and bud weight.

  • Sweet Tooth THC Content – Highest Test

Unfortunately, we live in an age when marijuana’s THC concentration is excessively emphasized. We’ve arrived at a point where people believe that if a strain doesn’t have at least 20% THC, it isn’t worth trying. Those who adhere to this belief are missing out, since while Sweet Tooth isn’t particularly strong, it provides a fantastic experience.

Sweet Tooth’s THC concentration has been verified at 19 percent, which is more than sufficient to produce the high you desire. Sweet Tooth’s average THC content is 14-16 percent.

  • Sweet Tooth CBD Content – Highest Test

Sweet Tooth’s CBD concentration is also similar to that of most current marijuana strains. Sweet Tooth’s CBD content is extremely low, comparable to the majority of modern marijuana strains. The strain’s highest CBD concentration found in samples was 0.2 percent, which puts its THC/CBD ratio at around 70:1. Sweet Tooth no longer appears to be a mild strain once you try it, and you’ll understand why!

How Sweet Tooth Is Likely to Affect You

Sweet Tooth’s effects are best characterized as “amusing.” It has a light flavor when compared to most indicas, and the candy-like flavor disarms you. The effects don’t take long to manifest themselves, and when they do, you experience a body and head high that lifts your mood while also delivering an intense sense of relaxation.

The high is euphoric, and the cerebral effects keep you alert for long enough to fully enjoy what you’re feeling. The effects can last up to three hours at a time, making it an excellent choice if you get home from work after a hard day.

Medical Benefits of the Sweet Tooth Strain

Sweet Tooth is a slightly indica-dominant (60%) hybrid, but its effects are strongly indica in nature. There’s plenty of sativa to go around, though, making it an excellent all-around medicinal strain. It is used to treat chronic pain, glaucoma, anxiety, depression, and anxiety headaches most often.

Sweet Tooth, like most cannabis strains, is a cross between two different plants. The indica component ensures that it works as an analgesic while still offering enough sativa to avoid couchlock. It may nevertheless relax you sufficiently to be beneficial for insomniacs. Sweet Tooth is also utilized by people who have undergone chemical therapies such as chemotherapy because it can increase appetite.

Possible Side Effects of the Sweet Tooth Strain

Sweet Tooth is not one of the most powerful strains on the market, so you shouldn’t be shocked to learn that its side effects are pretty modest. It’s possible you’ll develop a dry mouth and eyes if you use this cannabis, but drinking water beforehand can help. Sweet Tooth may make individuals who are prone to anxiety symptoms feel paranoid, and in rare circumstances, it might induce dizziness.

Final Thoughts on the Sweet Tooth Strain

Overall, Sweet Tooth does not disappoint. Sweet Tooth is an outstanding marijuana choice for beginners since the effects are quite powerful yet do not knock you out. It’s also a very simple plant to cultivate because of its low upkeep requirements, and it’s resistant to disease and pest attacks.

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