Wedding Gelato Cannabis Strain Review

Wedding Gelta is a hybrid strain with balanced indica and sativa effects, resulting in a long-lasting, soothing, and focus-inducing high.

Many strains have a breeding history that is so uneventful as to be meaningless. After that, there was little activity for decades. For some strains, this simple breeding history isn’t an issue – the straightforward tastes and obvious effects of the high can come through.

On the other hand, The Wedding Gelato variety is not. This strain emphasizes lovely balance with many parent strains from a lengthy pedigree of meticulous crossbreeding and strategy.

Let’s look at this strain and see if you should do what they propose, and serve it at a wedding (This is in jest).

What is the Wedding Gelato Strain?

Wedding Gelato is a Colorado-based cannabidiol (CBD) producer with a long history. The Wedding Cake and Gelato 33 strains are its foundation. This is fascinating since Gelato 33 is a relatively stable strain, only distinguishable from similar ones by distinct phenotypes.

Wedding Cake, on the other hand, is a cross of Triangle Kush and Animal Mints, two strains that are somewhat unusual. In some respects, Wedding Gelato has three distinct parents: each one adds something distinct to the mix. Because too many parents might confuse the flavor and intoxication, this may be considered something wrong by most experienced cannabis users.

Wedding Gelato, on the other hand, is exceptional in that it successfully balances its parent strains. Its effects have a sense of balance and harmony, somehow incorporating just a little bit of each of its parents.

The high begins with thrilling vibrational ripples that make you want to get out of bed and take control of your life. Your brain will be thoroughly cleansed of any harmful or bad ideas, leaving you with a feeling of tremendous power and control over your life.

The high will gradually shift into an indica-like feeling as the high builds. It will soothe your muscles and limbs to the point of relaxation, but it won’t cause you to fall asleep on the couch like many other strains tend to do.

Expect to be chilled out, yet still curious to go exploring or for a stroll. This makes Wedding Gelato the ideal strain for a leisurely yet intellectually stimulating day.


The Wedding Gelato strain has an intense sweetness in its initial smell. It’s almost nauseatingly sweet, with dizzying scents that overpower your senses.

Although it may seem to be a disadvantage, the fragrance is pleasant. If you’ve ever smelled fresh raw toffee or a glass of very sweet hot cocoa, you’ll be able to imagine this strain’s aroma.

Although it is not as large or powerful as other strains, this marijuana has a wonderful sense of comfort about it. It reminds me of a winter’s evening when I smell it.


The first thing you’ll notice when you break the buds open and take a sniff is that there’s considerably more complexity to this strain’s flavor than its aroma implies.

Lemon, herbs, and a distinct vanilla flavor linger on the tongue, nearly like pure vanilla essence. The flavor washes over your mouth, coating it in sweetness and all of its different nuances, making it seem almost like a creamy toffee.


Wedding Gelato’s buds are tightly bundled, appearing to be wrapped in ribbons. The ribbons, on the other hand, are the long, colorful pistils that entwine the buds and bind them together.

The leaves are a very uniform green in color, which is set against the slightly purple and orange tint just below the surface.

However, in order to fully appreciate the intricacies of this strain, you must attempt growing it yourself.

Wedding Gelato Strain Grow Info

Despite the fact that Wedding Gelato cannabis seeds are well-liked, they are not commonly available at dispensaries. Royal Queen Seeds, the strain’s creators, maintains a small number of seeds for sale online; otherwise, you may face difficulty in obtaining them.

If you’re fortunate enough to come across some, Wedding Gelato is a simple matter to cultivate. They develop equally well in both indoor and outdoor conditions, although they prosper when planted outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

The appearance of this strain’s complete growth cycle varies between sativa and indica, which might be perplexing to inexperienced growers. However, if you’re just getting started with the idea of producing your own marijuana, you won’t have a chance to be shocked since you won’t know the differences between the two.

This strain’s growth varies slightly depending on the genetics, so being prepared is essential. If your Wedding Gelato begins to grow too tall, consider tying it down to a post or trellis. However, if it develops more of an indica appearance and becomes extremely dense, be sure to trim the underbrush on a regular basis. This will encourage increased bud development as well as preventing your plant from strangling itself by restricting oxygen and UV radiation absorption.

THC & CBD Content – Highest Test

Wedding Gelato cannabis was created using some of the most potent strains on the market, so you can expect a strong THC presence once you smoke it. Wedding Gelato is expected to have around 25% THC content, which is among the highest concentrations available.

Make sure you don’t smoke too much Wedding Gelato at once, since smoking too much THC can lead to anxiety and paranoia.

The Wedding Gelato strain has a minimal amount of CBD, and this is the case with most high-THC strains. The majority of CBD content seems to be less than 1% in this cultivar. Nonetheless, the strain offers several medical advantages.

Medical Benefits of the Wedding Gelato Strain

Wedding Gelato is a strain with a lot of THC, which makes it ideal for relieving stress, tension, and sadness. Even if you just breathe in the fumes, you’ll almost certainly be unable to hold any unpleasant ideas.

The major medical advantage of Wedding Gelato is that it eases anxiety, but there are additional advantages. While it’s not a good idea to smoke too much at once, Wedding Gelato is an excellent remedy for anxiety. Just a little bit, and you’ll be able to resist even the most pessimistic and anxious ideas.

The high THC concentration of this strain is also great for treating pain, especially persistent pain. This means that chronic pain or injury-related discomfort can be relieved thanks to Wedding Gelato. When you’re riding on the energized and dedicated high provided by this strain, you won’t feel any aches, whether physical or neuropathic.

Wedding Gelato is not only a great way to fall asleep, but it’s also a wonderful choice for those searching for an evening diversion. While it doesn’t have any of the sleep-inducing qualities of other strains, it still makes it simple to nod off. It soothes your thoughts and puts your body into a state of calm and rest, making falling asleep very easy.

When you’re smoking, of course, this might not be the case. You may experience a few THC-induced adverse effects when you’re high on Kush.

Possible Side Effects of the Wedding Gelato Strain

Wedding Gelato may be quite potent. Because it is, a strong strain will always bring along with it some drawbacks, and the first one you’ll notice is an intense dry mouth. Dry eyes can also be present; however, the pure dryness in your mouth is what you’ll encounter first.

Make sure to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated throughout the day, as this dehydration may be a significant burden for long-term users of Wedding Gelato. The major issue with Wedding Gelato, though, is that it can promote a few undesirable mental conditions. While many people use this strain to combat mental issues such as sadness and anxiety, smoking too much can actually make things worse.

If you take too much THC, it can make you feel anxious and paranoid. When it comes to smoking marijuana, moderation is key. Every bit of THC in this powerful strain might contribute to feelings of worry and anxiety if taken excessively. However, when used as a treatment for anxiety, this may appear contradictory because so many people use it as such.

It’s not difficult to get a good hit of Wedding Gelato at an instance if you’re being careful about how much you smoke at once.

Finally, the effects of this strain tend to linger for hours, posing the risk of you waking up high if you smoke it late at night. To avoid this, unless you’re careful with your dosage moderation, make sure you only smoke it during the day. While waking up high may be entertaining, it causes a slew of issues; no one wants to work or drive while high.

Final Thoughts on the Wedding Gelato Strain

Wedding Gelato is a crossbred strain that reveals the value of professional breeding. You’d think a muddling of tastes and effects would occur with such a complex and fascinating growth backstory, but it’s both powerful and enjoyable instead.

Expect a long-lasting high with the Wedding Gelato variety, as well as a taste and fragrance profile that will make you want more.

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