Buddha Tahoe Marijuana Strain Review

Big Buddha Seeds is a well-known cannabis firm. The world-famous Cheese souche was originally generated in their facilities. And, since then, the dispensary has sought for the finest of cheese strains as well as other exotic genes.

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However, they occasionally depart from their typical flavor, particularly after entering the American market. In order to mimic the “world of American Kush strains,” they created the very potent and zesty Buddha Tahoe as a result of attempting to duplicate the ‘World of Big Buddha Seeds.’ Big Buddha Seeds’ tested to contain more than 20% THC in every batch regardless of strain, earning it the moniker “The Don Corleone of highs” or “Don Big Buddha” for short.

This strain is a backcross of the original Tahoe Kush, an ocean-grown variety from the Cali Connection that Big Buddha Seeds thinks to be the pinnacle of Kush in the United States. After all, it has the pungent and tangy taste characteristic of strong hit. To this end, Buddha Tahoe does not disappoint. It truly embodies modern Kush strains.

Buddha Tahoe is a powerful Indica hybrid strain with a hefty resin content and harsh tastes that earned it the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup. It must not be confused with the Sativa-dominant Buddha Tahoe OG, despite the fact that pure Indica effects are equally uplifting.


Buddha Tahoe is a 90-minute strain that grows between 30 and 36 centimetres in height. It has a medium level of THC and is recognizable by its orange hairs, which take around six weeks to develop. The first onset of Buddha Tahoe’s creeping buzz takes anywhere from two to four weeks. Although it contains no traces of Sativa, users report psychedelic experiences focused on the brain. As it penetrates into the mind’s deepest layers, users grow more joyous.

The feeling of elevation fades away from the temples after an hour or two. A heaviness works its way through the muscles and settles in the limbs in cycles. The first mental stimulation is designed to prevent users from a deadly couchlock.

The relaxing high builds over time with each hit, until the body is completely free of tension. Many people fall asleep as a result of being surrounded by serenity. As a result, Buddha Tahoe works best at night. Excess might, on the other hand, overtax the mind and keep users up.


Buddha Tahoe has a strong lemony scent with undertones of damp earth and Kush. Its undertones of moist soil and Kush pervade the air when broken down or crushed.


The flavor is zesty and fresh, with a lemony zing. Its citrus undertones are brightened by cool undertones of pine. An earthy taste with notes of hash, which is typical in Kush strains, lingers on the breath.

Adverse Reaction

When using marijuana, it’s not uncommon to notice red eyes. There is also a chance of cottonmouth because cannabinoids stymie the saliva production. Despite the fact that both symptoms are unavoidable, they may be easily treated by drinking water from a glass.

Users should be cautious about consuming too much of the strain since it can induce ‘greening out.’ The condition is generally characterized by dizziness and heightened awareness, as well as being anxiety-inducing. A slight headache may also be felt by others. It’s possible to keep it at bay with pacing and moderation.


Buddha Tahoe was presumably built for leisure. The strain’s chemical components, on the other hand, provide relief against a range of illnesses. Its powerful head high, for example, helps to relieve tension and sadness. It has similar uses as LSD in relieving anxiety by producing an euphoric rush that removes worry and boosts good self-affirmation. It may also be used to calm a person anxious for no apparent reason.

Buddha Tahoe’s relaxing high starts at the temples and spreads to the rest of the body. As a result, it is beneficial in the treatment of a variety of ailments. The drowsiness-inducing qualities of the bud are evident as many people fall asleep quickly. Buddha Tahoe sends users off to a peaceful, undisturbed slumber before they have a chance to realize what occurred.


Buddha Tahoe is a simple-to-grow Indica strain. It has hardy short stems that can handle high winds, rapid temperature changes, and typical moisture problems. The plant, on the other hand, still prefers a more temperate environment with a higher level of humidity.

Buddha Tahoe thrives in a well-aerated environment. Commercial growers, on the other hand, favor growing Indicas indoors in greenhouses. It allows breeders to vary important elements such as temperature, lighting, and humidity because it keeps pests at bay.

The purple Afghani strain produces rounded, densely packed nuggets that appear like peppers after maturity. Its hues are a refreshing mint with bursts of orange pistils. Last but not least, each bud is cloaked in a thick layer of white trichomes as proof of its potency.

But, what’s more remarkable is that it’s readily available in feminized form. While most breeders prefer to maintain tight control over their creations, Big Buddha Seeds made theirs freely accessible to everyone else. Not only does this make the cultivation process simpler, but it also eliminates the danger of tossing out at least half the batch.

Flowering Time


Each square meter of Buddha Tahoe produces between 10 and 12 ounces of trichome-coated buds after flowering for approximately 8 to 9 weeks. The Sea of Green application will aid in the production of more buds. It might even shorten the time it takes for your plants to bloom from 7 weeks to 6 weeks.


By the end of October, Buddha Tahoe may produce over 12 ounces of buds each plant from growers in the northern hemisphere.

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