Irish Cream Marijuana Strain Review

Irish Cream is a classic souche that was made by renowned growers. It’s great for shutting off the world and relaxing in the quietest way possible.

A popular drink made from classic Irish whiskey, cream, and various delectable flavor combinations is known simply as “irish cream.”

While it’s a wonderful and refreshing beverage, you may not want to drink alcohol every now and again. What if there was a way to get the delicious taste of Irish Cream without becoming tipsy?

Let’s look at the Irish Cream strain and see if it has the same flavor as the cocktail.

What Is the Irish Cream Strain?

The delightful taste of Irish Cream makes it a perfect option for creating an authentic Irish Cream drink. It’s also a wonderful choice for adding a distinctive tangy, fruity, burning sensation to your cannabis.

It’s a strain from the Northern Ireland region, where you’ll find both Mighty Irish Seeds and its neighbor with the same name, whose most famous variety is Mighty Irish Hope. In reality, Irish Cream is a cross between Mighty Irish Hope and several mystery strains, making it both distinctive and representative at the same time.

Irish Cream is a well-bred marijuana strain with a high THC content, much like several other recently developed strains. You may expect to experience its effects strongly, but it might take longer than you anticipate.

In the United States, Irish Cream is known for having a sluggish onset of effects. You might ask yourself if your Irish Cream is faulty after taking a big gulp. However, if you give it time to sink in, you will notice that it takes over all of your senses.

The high is surprisingly heavy, creating a sensation of pressure in your eyes and head. The first thing you’ll realize after a brief feeling of weight is that Irish Cream can relax your whole body. The smoke relaxes the muscles, brains, and entire body, eliminating all stress.

You can anticipate to be repulsed by anything that makes you think or feel too much at once as a result of its powerful effects. To the point that you might be better served closing the blinds and keeping your eyes shut.


This strain’s name implies that it should have a whiskey and cream aroma, which it does, but not quite in the way you would think.

The scent is rich and full, with gentle toasted aromas that make you think of gently toasted, perhaps somewhat rich condensed milk. It’s both sweet and fruity, with a few floral notes that are tough to define. There’s also a lot of skunkiness and dankness, which lends credence to its skunk heritage.


Your mouth will fill with thick and vibrant smoke once you’ve broken down the buds and started smoking. There’s a flavor that resembles what the scent says, but there’s also a hint of coffee to it that tickles your senses.

You may observe yourself thinking that you’ve just had a delectable Irish Cream drink as you delve deeper into the smoke.


The fact that Irish Cream bud is so uniform in its appearance is quite remarkable. Instead of the many changes and distinctions that most marijuana buds have, this one is virtually identical all around. It’s a little green, with only a few orange pistils peeking out from beneath the surface.

This bud is lovely because it has a sprinkle of white trichomes on the surface, not because it’s dank.

In order to attempt and create some visual contrast in this bud, you’ll need to attempt growing your own. But what do you need to know about Irish Cream farming?

Irish Cream Strain Grow Info

Fortunately, the seeds of the Irish Cream Strain are widely accessible and can be found almost everywhere, including directly from Mighty Irish Seeds.

You’ll be surprised to learn that Irish Cream plants are exceptionally resilient to a wide range of temperatures. While it does, naturally, like a humid environment, you can produce it in any climate as long as the temperature isn’t too extreme.

The most crucial thing to remember is that you should try to improve the final yield, whatever the weather. You may obtain excellent results by growing it using the Sea of Green method, which doesn’t require any complex techniques.

Irish Cream plants should be grown together in a long, almost hedge-like formation with enough of natural light or high-intensity artificial lighting.

Also, keep an eye on the top of the plant to make sure it isn’t getting too long. This encourages the Irish Cream plant to grow horizontally rather than vertically, resulting in larger buds. What kind of cannabinoid content can you anticipate after harvesting your Irish Cream bud and admiring its unexpectedly uniform shape?

THC Content – Highest Test

In comparison to other cannabis strains, Northern Lights has a higher THC content and is more potent. It also has an unusually powerful effect, which makes you want to cover up the sun. It’s only natural that it has such a high THC count given these strong effects.

The THC content in Irish Cream buds is typically around 20%, however this can fluctuate from 13 to 14%. This makes it a fairly powerful strain, yet not one that you must be concerned with if you are a novice.

CBD Content – Highest Test

In actuality, cannabis contains CBD in almost all of its various forms, as it is the natural way that marijuana grows in the wild. However, because breeders have worked tirelessly to improve marijuana strains throughout history, most current varieties have very little CBD.

While Irish Cream has a CBD content of only 1%, this does not negate the many medical advantages.

Medical Benefits of the Irish Cream Strain

Like all well-high THC strains, Irish Cream may be used topirty difficulties with shutting out bad or unpleasant mental states.

Cannabis has been said to be able to reduce anxiety and help people with depression or even anxiety. Furthermore, the high THC content makes it ideal for treating pain-related problems. This is a fantastic strain to have on hand if you have an unpleasant, long-term painful condition like arthritis.

This strain is also used to treat sleeplessness. While Irish Cream won’t put you out completely, it does a great job of blocking out all external sources of worry or pain. If your issue is an inability to concentrate on things or a difficulty shifting your attention toward sleep, this strain will be just what you need.

The fact it doesn’t knock you out is a positive; you can sit there and enjoy the high for its full lasting effect. Then, once it’s over, you gradually drift off to sleep without a care in the world.

Of course, no matter how excellent the strains are, they all have some drawbacks.

Possible Side Effects of the Irish Cream Strain

The term “strain” is a general one that refers to the lineage of cannabis plants. CBD, for example, is derived from hemp rather than marijuana, however it has many of the same effects as THC does and can be often used together with THC in edibles or topicals without negative side effects. As far as we know, none of these strains have any specific list of bad side effects. Although it doesn’t have a defined set of unpleasant symptoms like other Cannabis breeds do, this strain has a long list of impact outcomes that are neither hazardous nor damaging but nonetheless quite bothersome.

The most notable feature of the Irish Cream variety is that it causes you to be unable to think rationally or make logical decisions. This leaves you sitting there, staring at nothing, attempting to avoid the light until you fall asleep. This might be a problem for those not looking for a quiet evening sleeping.

Users report lightheadedness and headaches after smoking a lot of Irish Cream. However, this should only be an issue if you smoke too much at once, so keep your usage to a minimum.

Finally, Irish Cream has been associated with the usual dry mouth and dry eyes effects, which may be exacerbated by its high content of THC. Keep yourself well-hydrated and keep a cushion nearby to battle off the initial negative effects of this strain.

Final Thoughts on the Irish Cream Strain

Marijuana strains are discovered for a variety of diverse reasons. Some people want to get high with as little mental activity as possible; others want to relax and unwind. There are more marijuana kinds than different varieties of coffee, each with its own specialty in the dispensary and your personal stash.

Irish Cream is ideal for those times when you want to zone out, close your eyes, and think about existence. While it won’t put you completely to sleep, after a few hours of pleasureable, slightly numbing high, you may expect to be gently lulled asleep.

The only thing to keep in mind is that you should not consume any of this powerful cannabis during the day, since drowsiness is a danger. Drifting off is nice when you have things to do, but it’s not a good idea when you have things to do! If you’re lucky enough to come across some Irish Cream at your local store, clear your schedule. Close your curtains and lock your door before turning on some relaxing music with a touch of psychedelia.

Then take a seat, relax, and find your nearest pillow for what is surely the finest THC relaxation experience available.

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