Kief Using Guide

Cannabis plants that are specially bred to produce high-THC strains contain a lot of trichomes and therefore have a good level of cannabinoids. It is the most concentrated source of cannabis’s cannabinoids, with a considerable amount of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA). It may be crushed and used in cuisine or added to joints and blunts as an topping.

Kief is made from the trichomes, which are cannabis flower’s cannabinoids and terpenes, in their purest form. Because it is more concentrated than cannabis flower, less is required to achieve the intended outcomes.

Weed kief and its uses

Kief is a kind of hash made from finely grinding marijuana buds until they form tiny crystals on the surface. It has a surprisingly robust flavor, which explains why it’s frequently used as a topping sprinkle for bongs, blunts, joints, and bowls to increase the amount of THC in them. You might be asking why people don’t just use knives all the time. The answer is that you can only gather kief by using a grinder. As a result, if you never use a grinder, you will never have access to it.

What is a Kief Catcher?

Kief is collected in grinders, which are commonly made of aluminum or stainless steel. The screen at the bottom chamber of the grinder, known as a kief catcher, captures trichomes as you crush your cannabis flower. The trichomes will sift through the screen and gather kief in the collector while you’re grinding your flower. Remove it with a scraper after you’ve gathered enough.

If you want to process a lot of cannabis at home, there are gadgets like the Kief Box on the market that feature two chambers: one for sifting cannabis flowers and the other for catching knives. Place your cannabis in the chamber, close the box, and shake it gently. The trichomes fall off, get filtered through the mesh screen, and end up in the chamber as you shake the flower.

Because some grinders have a kief-catching area at the bottom where kief may build up over time, collecting it is much easier when you’re ready. This part of the grinder (assuming it’s a marijuana grinder and designed particularly to collect kief as part of its primary functions) is frequently detachable. There are two storage compartments in the grinder: one for ground cannabis and one for the resulting kief.

You won’t be able to collect or store this precious kief if you break up marijuana with your hands. Any potential kief would be trapped on your finger and useless. The grinder allows for the collection and storage of this kief, as well as its removal at any time.

Kief, like hashish or hash, is a resin produced by the cannabis plant. Kief will come off if you just rub the leaves and buds over a mesh screen, leaving you with valuable material. It’s quicker to collect kief from the bottom of a grinder than to sift it through a mesh screen each time you need some more.

What is Dry Sift?

To make dry sift, cannabis is sieved over a series of screens to produce wet sift. The word “dry sift” is usually used to refer to kief, although it also refers to the technique of collecting significant quantities of kief. Dry sift may be obtained from a collection of sifting screens or a tumbler – an apparatus that consists of a mesh cylinder or drum that rotates and separates kief into the catch surface or container.

How to use kief

What should you do with your kief once you’ve figured out what it is and how to get it? There are several techniques for making effective use of your unrefined cannabis concentrate stash, from smoking kief to producing hash. Here are a few suggestions for increasing potency and reducing variation.

Sprinkle it onto your packed bowl of cannabis

Kief has a variety of applications. The most basic and well-known use of kief is “crowning a bowl.” Kief adds a significant amount of power to your joint, especially if it’s sprinkled over it. For the greatest benefits from a kief-crowned bowl, corner your hits; for the best results from a kief-crowned bowl, burn numerous portions of the bowl at once.

Sprinkle kief into a joint or roll a twax koint

Cannabis freshly ground is sticky enough to make rolling a joint a breeze. To increase the potency of your joint, add some kief and thoroughly combine it. The extra trichomes should adhere to the earth leaves, giving your smoke greater strength.

For those looking for a more sophisticated experience, dampen the exterior of your joint with a lick or your preferred wax before rolling the top 1/3 of the joint in kief. A “twaxed” joint is one that has been kief-coated.

Make hash from kief

Cannabis Sativa Hash is a high-quality hash. The first step in producing hash is to remove the kief, which is simply heated and pressured to form a soft, green ball. Kief’s color changes when it’s subjected to higher pressure.

Sprinkle it on top of a Bowl, Joint, Blunt, or into a Hookah

A thick layer of kief sprinkled on top of a packed bowl, joint, or blunt can significantly improve the strength and duration of your high. Kief burns slowly when smoked and helps you to stay longer in smoking sessions with friends. If you enjoy smoking shisha out of a hookah, you may sprinkle kief on top of the tobacco before adding the hot coals.

Make ‘Moonrocks’ 

Kief is a white, fine powder that’s derived from cannabis leaves. It can also be used to generate “pierres de lune,” which are composed of resin glands from the marijuana plant’s leaves. To make moonrocks, high-quality cannabis buds are coated in hot oil and sprinkled with kief. When the rocks have hardened, they may be broken up and smoked for a powerful high. Moonrocks have an average THC content of more than 50%.

Add it to Tea or Coffee

Because cannabis is heated when it is consumed, it releases cannabinoids, which may produce similar effects to edibles when added to hot beverages like coffee or tea. If you add kief to your favorite hot morning beverage, expect the effects to begin 15 to 45 minutes after intake.

Are Hash and Kief the Same Thing? 

Yes, you may extract kief and smoke it. Hash is usually smoked alone or combined with flower to make a dab rig. Trichome glands from a cannabis plant are extracted and compressed resin is formed into a solid, hard substance by extracting trichome glands from a cannabis plant and compressing the resin into a solid, hard substance.

Kief can be easily turned into hash with heat and pressure. All you have to do is apply heat and pressure. Fold the parchment paper in half, then wrap it tightly around the kief. Heat and press the folded paper until it’s completely dry. Your hand should enough most of the time; however, a hair straightener or a temperature-controlled press may also be used.

Add kief into your morning coffee or tea

The heat in your coffee or tea activates the cannabinoids in kief. To prepare kief coffee or tea, simply sprinkle kief powder into your cup and stir. Taking kief this way provides delayed, though more powerful, effects since the cannabinoids will be digested before being absorbed by your body.

Blend kief into butter

Kief butter, which is made from cannabis buds and stems, can be used in recipes to produce highly-effective marijuana edibles such as kief cupcakes, brownies, and other items.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Melt the butter into a crockpot set to medium heat
  2. Add kief
  3. Stir the melted kief butter mix every 15 minutes for 5 hours
  4. Transfer the kief butter into a bowl
  5. Let it cool fully
  6. Cover the bowl and place it into the refrigerator to harden

Once you’ve infused your kief into your butter, you may use the resulting kief butter to make a variety of edibles or simply spread it on bread.

The quantity of kief you add will affect the potency of your butter. To maintain a pleasant experience, start modest. If necessary, you can always add more edible since it’s easy to adjust up with the next batch of kief butter for greater strength.

You can also make cannabutter using ground marijuana flower.

Make hash

At home, make hash by combining kief with heat and pressure. To transform powdery kief into a more solid block, apply heat and pressure to it. To produce hash at home using kief, carefully stuff your kief in a folded piece of parchment paper. Collect all of your kief together in one area before it becomes firmly joined. To seal the hash and parchment paper, set it on a hair flat iron or a clothes iron to avoid scorching either. Because kief hash is made using an oil-filled gland fracturing technique, it tends to be darker and stickier than hash. It’s possible that you prefer smoking kief over hash based on your own preferences.

How to Make Kief-Infused Edibles

Kief is best utilized to cook or bake with when you first make cannabutter or cannna-oil. You may utilize the cannabutter recipe and simply replace the dried flower with kief (for super-potent edibles) or add a little amount of kief to the dried flower (for edibles with a bit more potency). nAfter that, things get interesting; there are many options depending on your preferences – just use your own judgment in any case. Cookies and brownies infused with cannabis are two well-known DIY meals.

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