Rob Ford Kush Marijuana Strain Review

Ford is one of Canada’s most divisive figures. The man is known for being “Toronto’s crack-smoking mayor” among international counterparts. Not only that, his language becomes more violent and cutting when it comes to destroying and discrediting his opponents and critics.

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However, the souche was given his name owing to the complete opposite effect. Rather of intimidating, it creates a calm sleepy high with a light cerebral buzz. Still, its distinctively powerful tastes distinguish it from other strains.

The strain’s 15% THC content makes it ideal for treating a variety of illnesses. It provides relief against a range of health concerns to its customers, including stress, insomnia, and pain. Beginners can still try it as an entry-level strain, despite the fact that it is classified as a veteran’s treat.


Rob Ford Kush is a slow-acting strain, taking anything from 45 minutes to an hour before users start to feel its effects. It prefers to take its time in producing its effects. The first onset of Rob Ford Kush generally begins within 15 minutes after the user has taken their second or third puff. A swarm of euphoria rushes through the mind, washing away negativity. An innate sense of joy emanates outward and makes people happy for no apparent reason.

The mental stimulation, while subtle, might be quite hunger-inducing. After all, utilizing the brain consumes a lot of energy that must be replenished at some point. What could be better than to enjoy a few favorite meals? Users should, however, make the snacks ahead of time before taking a hit or the body high takes over.

The relaxing qualities of Rob Ford Kush’s soothing body buzz make it ideal for unwinding. It loosens muscles from the temples to the toes, starting at the temples and working its way down. The urge to lie back at this stage of the session is strong, but there are others who want otherwise, since the deeply tranquilizing effects may be stimulating.

Rob Ford Kush can help you mold partners into one as they become more confident after being set free from inhibitions.


The odor of Ford Kush is strong. It has ripe lemon undertones, which are accentuated by sandalwood. The scent of perceptibly sweet honey combined with hash fills the area as the buds are crushed and burnt.


The taste of honeyed lemonade is instantly savored after the first draw. The backdrop of hash with a touch of lemon that lingers on the exhale for minutes following the final puff contributes to its appeal.

Adverse reactions

Cannabis has a long list of potential negative effects, although they are generally minor. Fortunately, this plant is a kind one that rarely causes detrimental side effects outside of the usual dryness in the eyes or mouth. This is mostly due to cannabinoids that block tear duct and salivary gland moisture production. On the plus side, drinking a couple glasses of water throughout the day can alleviate discomfort easily. Alcohol, on the other hand, tends to exacerbate dryness and as a result should be avoided.


It should be no surprise that Rob Ford Kush has medicinal utility. After all, it includes cannabinoids that help with a variety of health issues, starting at the temples. In fact, it is excellent for reducing stress.

Rob Ford Kush’s sedative effects help to relieve the stress of a fast-paced existence. Rob Ford Kush is also an excellent anti-depressant, allowing one to cope with symptoms of various health conditions including posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Rob Ford Kush is a natural pain reliever that helps to alleviate a variety of pains in the body. Meanwhile, its anti-inflammatory effects help to reduce redness and pain in swollen regions. Its soothing hum also aids in the relief of stomach cramps, which can sometimes cause one’s appetite to be disrupted. As a result, it’s not unusual for people to feel hungry.


Rob Ford Kush is a sturdy and compact plant as an Indica-dominant strain. Even with no additional support through staking, it will not collapse or break apart in strong gusts of wind. Due to its high adaptability, the plant can also be grown indoors or outdoors.

It may also need to be thinned out. Because of the plant’s thick foliage, it can occasionally retain moisture in its cracks. If left unchecked, mold or mildew can develop. As a result, trimming and pruning are required. Not only will this assist distribute air throughout the lower nodes, but it will also help to equalize lighting distribution throughout the plant. Cutting away dead components such as branches or leaves while simultaneously cutting off diseased areas like branches or leaves ensures that nutrients reach thriving regions of the plant.

In controlled settings, it’s essential to maintain adequate ventilation to prevent the buds or roots from rotting. The Sea of Green technique, when used in conjunction with a hydroponics system, can assist boost production. However, an organic medium like soil will help develop Rob Ford Kush’s terpene profile even more.

The Rob Ford Kush plant structure is quite compact, producing dense buds that are just as tiny as its construction. There’s a barely perceptible weight when the popcorn-shaped buds are placed in the hand.

Flowering Time


Indoor flowering takes around 7 to 9 weeks with Rob Ford Kush. When it’s time to harvest, it yields 10 to 12 ounces of dry product.


It is feasible for backyard growers to yield 12 ounces or more per plant from the final week of September to the middle of October, when Rob Ford Kush blooms.

Have you ever smoked or cultivated your own Rob Ford Kush? Please leave a remark below with your thoughts on this marijuana strain.

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