Sensi Skunk Marijuana Strain Review

The indica dominant hybrid souche is a fragrant, fast-flowering plant with a variety of medical applications while also serving as an enjoyable recreational smoke. Sensi Skunk is powerful enough to only take one puff to start to feel its effects, after which you will be melting into a quiet mood.

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Sensi Skunk is a hybrid variety created by Sensi Seeds from the DNA of renowned parent strain Skunk #1. This indica-dominant plant gave off a relaxing and invigorating mental and physical buzz that might last for hours.

The odor of this strain is fruity and sour, and it can be detected from a mile away. Sensi Skunk is frequently used in the treatment of a variety of patients looking for an alternative approach to manage their chronic problems including severe stress and pain.


Sensi Skunk is a strain that induces a sense of calm and relaxation right after your first puff. This bud may be sensed throughout your body, and you’ll feel like melting into the next sofa as you become aware of how heavy it makes you feel. This mixes well with Sensi Bubba to make an excellent evening pick-me-up when you’re ready to let go of all day’s worries.

Sensi Skunk is a cheerful and entertaining plant, especially in the morning with its wonderful high. It can make you feel good, especially on those days when things didn’t start off well – and without even realizing it, you won’t remember what caused you to be so upset in the first place.

This strain’s devout followers seek it out for the elevated state it delivers them. Sensi Skunk may cause feelings of sleepiness, especially when consumed in large amounts, making it a great strain to use on days when you have difficulty obtaining rest.


Sensi Skunk is a fresh and fruity strain of marijuana that has a lovely sour flavor to it. This bud is also quite skunky, with an earthy tone to it, which adds to its uniqueness.


The flavor of this skunk and sour hybrid is influenced by its varied background. Sensi Skunk has a sweet, citrusy taste on the inhalation that fades to a powerful herbal and lemon aftertaste that lingers long after you’ve exhaled the smoke.

Adverse Reaction

Sensi Skunk has some negative effects if taken by those who are not used to a strong strain, however many of them may be avoided. Dehydration can make these side effects worse, making a dry mouth particularly unpleasant and compelling you to feel extremely parched.

Sensi Skunk may cause headaches, and in some cases, it may result in dry and irritated eyes. Sensi Skunk can put some smokers on edge or even dizzy, particularly when smoked in large amounts. Avoiding a big dose from the start can help to minimize the majority of these negative effects.


Sensi Skunk is well-known among doctors since it has shown to be effective in alleviating symptoms for many people time and time again. This bud is most often given to patients suffering from chronic and severe stress so that they do not feel nervous or insecure.

The regular use of Sensi Skunk can assist with chronic pain problems, particularly in the treatment of chronic migraines, headaches, and muscular spasms. Sensi Skunk can also be used to relieve muscular cramps and is effective in treating menstrual cramps.

This plant may be used to treat chronic insomnia since it is a guaranteed way to put someone to sleep, especially when dosed properly. Sensi Skunk can assist those who suffer from chronic nausea and can stimulate the appetite. This bud may be consumed on a daily basis in order to get the most out of it for patients.


Sensi Skunk is one of the most common strains, and it’s not difficult to cultivate. It’s a popular choice for novices since it’s simple to grow. When grown in a hot and dry atmosphere, Sensi Skunk can finish flowering sooner than other strains and develop into a bushier and shorter plant.

Flowering Time


The cannabis plant, which is also known as marijuana, has a short life cycle of just several weeks and requires little maintenance. When compared to outdoor plants, indoor Skunk strains generally have shorter flowering periods (about 7 to 8 weeks), lower yields (around 17 ounces), and require less time and space to grow.


You could expect to finish flowering this plant around the first of October, with an average yield of approximately 19 ounces per plant when growing it outdoors.

Have you ever smoked or cultivated your own Sensi Skunk? Please share your thoughts on this cannabis strain in the comments area below.

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