Super Silver Haze Marijuana Strain Review

le Super Silver Haze is a sativa-dominant cross between the Haze and Skunk No. 1 strains. It has a skunky flavor (as you might imagine) with notes of citrus and diesel added to it. So, in terms of effects, it’s quite dank. Despite its harsh taste, it has nice consequences and is particularly great for nerve pain from all causes.

Super Silver Haze has not gone unnoticed, especially considering that it was named best sativa in the High Time Cannabis Cup in 1997, 1998, and 1999.

Green House Seeds is still well-known and highly regarded 20 years later, demonstrating that with a big influence and still making waves, the three-time winner was truly revolutionary.

Turn to the sativa masterpiece that is the Super Silver Haze marijuana souche for a pick-me-up that you’ll never forget if you’re searching for a way to be focused, uplifted, ecstatic, and energetic.

What Is the Super Silver Haze Marijuana Strain?

Super Silver Haze marijuana is a “super” sativa that can literally turn your world upside down if you’re having trouble getting through the day without feeling mentally or physically drained. It’s a skillfully-crafted and precisely-bred cannabis strain from Green House Seeds’ 1990’s Green House Seeds strains, Super Silver Haze, which has become one of the most long-term iconic crops.

Super Silver Haze is a cannabis strain with DNA dating back to three distinct reefer types: Northern Lights (indica), Haze (sativa), and Skunk No. 1 (hybrid). Super Silver Haze was created from a cross between some of the world’s finest buds, having a family that rings bells like this one. It’s no surprise that Super Silver Haze has earned such popularity and become such a pot-stash must-have due to its lineage, which includes strains such as Northern Lights (indica), Haze (sativa), and Skunk No. 1 (hybrid).

Super Silver Haze has a superior balance thanks to its 70% sativa, 30% indica genetics. The faintest whiff of indica keeps it energizing without causing stress or anxiety.

In fact, with the Super Silver Haze marijuana strain, you may feel “on-the-go,” yet remain calm – a combination that nearly any busy person could enjoy. Furthermore, the Super Silver Haze marijuana strain has a high THC concentration, ranging from 18 to 23 percent.

This marijuana strain is destined to become your go-to bud, turning your haze into a wide-awake, focused useable energy if you want a high that will last all day, keeps you going and never leads you astray (you like that poetry?).

Super Silver Haze: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

The aroma of ‘Super Silver Haze cannabis’ is strangely pleasant. This cannabis strain does not have any sweet or candy-like notes, but it does appeal to the more dynamic elements of smell – including spicy, skunky, diesel, and sage-like scents that ground you like a black-port battery cable and bring you back down to earth.

The Super Silver Haze marijuana strain is flavorful and herb-forward. The flavor profile may include nuances of citrus, however the plant is primarily herbal, spicy, sour, and earthy in nature. A broad range of chilly and muted hues characterize this reefer’s appearance; it becomes more vibrant at the end of the plant.

The leaves are a pale green in color with gray and pastel purple/pink highlights. The pistils are short, fading to an orange hue. It’s possible that the name “Super Silver Haze” derives from the way marijuana buds appear; they have been dipped or rolled in just-fallened snow, creating a silver sheen that leaves others speechless.

Finally, the most vibrant portion of these delicious nuggets is generally the water leaves, which extend far out with their sometimes bright purple hues. Make sure you do so right away if you’ve never had the opportunity to view a genuine Super Silver Haze strain up close and personal. You’ll thank me later.

Super Silver Haze Marijuana Grow Info

Super Silver Haze is a short-statured sativa, with a typical growth height comparable to that of most other sativa crops. Because Super Silver Haze grows to be tall in stature, ample distance upwards is required for successful cultivation without causing the plants to be squashed or crammed (something to watch for, especially with indoor growing).

If you’re aiming for absolutely enormous nugs, the Super Silver Haze strain is moderately difficult. However, it does have a better chance of success when cultivated indoors using hydroponics.

Super Silver Haze is a marijuana strain that must be grown outdoors, since it prefers a hot, sunny, tropical environment. However, not everyone in the world has such ideal conditions, so outdoor production of Super Silver Haze may be more cost-effective than indoor growing.

It’s worth noting that this reefer yields less marijuana outside than it does within, however, so keep that in mind if you’re planning to put some seeds or spores in the ground. Super Silver Haze is resistant to pests, mites, mildew, and other diseases, so at least the herbe strain itself is low-maintenance.

In terms of harvest, Super Silver Haze has a flowering period of 9-11 weeks, with larger resinous trichomes – resulting in a more apparent silver sheen (which makes sense given the name). Harvest time for outdoor grown strains is usually between mid-October and late October.

Outdoor harvests, on the other hand, are typically less successful. Indoor harvests generally produce around 19 ounces per square meter, whereas outdoor yields are usually lower at around 15 ounces per plant (that is, if everything goes according to plan).

In conclusion, Super Silver Haze weed is most likely the best marijuana strain for those that have prior growing experience. If you live in a cold, non-equatorial region like many Americans do, you’ll almost certainly have to go the indoor route if you want to produce any decent buds.

Super Silver Haze Effects

The effects of ‘Super Silver Haze’ are somewhat unique, owing to the fact that this cannabis species can balance healing and stimulation — two completely opposed emotions that are all combined into one. Doesn’t it appear to be too good to be true? We assure you, it isn’t – which is part of what makes this marijuana strain so super ( please accept our apologies for our bad humor).

SS Haze is a powerful mood enhancer and psychedelic that may provide an intoxicating, long-lasting body high while also enhancing cognitive function, focusing the mind, and boosting energy levels. It also promotes both creative and introspective views.

A strain like this one offers a degree of peace to stressed-out workers or company owners. It not only keeps the body active, but it also promotes better communication-based connections with people around you while also reducing stress levels and slowing down fast or rushed heartbeats.

The second half of the Super Silver Haze high can be more calm and serene in nature, with a greater focus on quiet, relaxation, and euphoria.

Aside from professionals who may benefit from this cannabis, anyone who wants to have a mentally calm day during which they can focus deeply and keep going without stopping will adore and value this one-of-a-kind marijuana.

In most cases, taking Super Silver Haze late at night or at night when you want to relax or sleep is counter-productive since the strain has little to no rest-inducing effects. Rather, it would be difficult to even close your eyes for the evening, let alone obtain a good night’s sleep.

Medical Benefits of Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze has been shown to have a beneficial impact on those suffering from severe persistent depression, promoting positive emotions such as contentment and even happiness in those who are depressed.

Furthermore, the Super Silver Haze marijuana strain has significantly impacted on stress and anxiety because of its effectiveness in treating a variety of mental disorders. Over-consuming any type of marijuana, including the Super Silver Haze strain, may lead to anxiety, paranoia, or stress when consumed in excess. In these situations, it is critical to recognize your limits and monitor intake amounts.

Super Silver Haze’s benefits extend beyond the mind. Patients suffering from anorexia, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, neuropathic pain, and headaches can benefit greatly from just how healing this cannabis strain may be, having already helped millions of people in the United States.

However, if your discomfort is more severe, taking a larger-than-average dose will not always ensure that it is relieved. Live resin, sweets, chews, shatter, hash and gummies are all methods to get a greater THC percentage with less work (i.e., you don’t have to smoke 14 bowls in a row).

Super Silver Haze Review: Possible Negative Side Effects

Super Silver Haze’s advantages don’t stop there. It has a pleasant scent and flavor, is rich in cannabinoids, has an easy cultivation level, and has a variety of medical uses. In other words, this marijuana strain has very few negative effects.

Overall, the most common adverse effects reported are dry mouth (cotton mouth), dehydration, and dry eyes – which isn’t really what we expected.

Dry mouth is quite easy to manage; simply follow a few more steps if you are prone to cottonmouth or dehydration. If you have a tendency to get cottonmouth or become dehydrated, make sure you drink lots of hydrating liquids before, during, and after your reefer session since this will restore your body and cause your saliva glands to produce extra moisture.

It’s very unlikely that you’ll experience any severe symptoms such as paranoia, worry, or excessive stress after smoking Super Silver Haze.

Also, if you’re going to enjoy Super Silver Haze, make sure to stock up on moisturizing eye drops from your local pharmacy. These can help prevent dry eyes and also eliminate self-conscious discomfort.

As a result of the minor amount of indica genes in Super Silver Haze genetics, it is not simply pure sativa (as some people may claim), but also more balanced. As a result, SS Haze is unlikely to cause any severe responses such as anxiety or overwhelming stress.

Final Thoughts on Super Silver Haze Marijuana

We’d lay money on Super Silver Haze cannabis to take care of you and rejuvenate your body, as well as your mind, if you seem to collapse halfway through the day. It’s without a doubt one of our all-time favorites, and if you haven’t tried it yet, we implore you to in the next year – trust us.

We hope you enjoyed reading our Super Silver Haze review, and that it was not only informative but also entertaining. (Just kidding.) As always, it is critical to remember that the use of marijuana is at the user’s own risk, and that discretion should be used at all times.

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