Sweet Diesel Marijuana Strain Review

This is a simple and pleasant pure sativa souche that’s perfect for relaxing days and tranquil nights, with lots of tangy, sour flavor. It’s unusual to find a strain that isn’t a hybrid because it has been carefully developed over decades thanks to numerous generations of meticulous breeding.

Because of their popularity and popularity, many hybrid cannabis strains have acquired a lot of benefits. However, because the community is so accustomed to them, most individuals have forgotten about the pleasures of a pure sativa. However, it is unusual to discover a pure sativa these days unless you search diligently for one. If you seek hard enough, you could come across the Diesel doux strain, which is a powerful and pure sativa that delivers a punch.

Let’s look at this strain and see if it’s truly worth choosing a genuine sativa over an indica.

What Is the Sweet Diesel Strain?

The rich, powerful flavor of Purple Urk’s Diesel herbe was created by blending together two long-lasting, classic strains: OG Kush and Sour Diesel. With such a illustrious background, this strain will have a lot to live up to.

Fortunately, it not only equals its parents in effectiveness and taste; it also has its own distinctive qualities.

Sweet Diesel starts out with a very classic sativa effect and gives a powerful and heady rush that soon turns into a soothing relaxation. Expect to be in an agitated state of calm relaxation, with a creative, almost vibrating energy coursing through you. It can be disorienting if you aren’t expecting it; make sure you have some type of creative or physical activity to burn off extra energy.

It’s a hybrid that combines Diesel and Kush, resulting in a strain with characteristics of both. It’s simultaneously overwhelming yet relaxing and calm, which makes sense due to its mixed genetics.


The flavor of this strain is very similar to that of Diesel strains, with hefty amounts of sour and earthy notes. Despite how strange it may seem, you might expect to feel as if you’re passing a mostly floral gas station.


The taste of this strain is mostly like that of its scent and Diesel predecessors, with a little more earthiness. You’ll feel as if you have a genuine brick of pure loam in your mouth, covering your tongue and filling your palate with flavor.


Sweet Diesel buds have a sativa look to them, with long, thin stems that somewhat resemble chili peppers. The coloration is heavy on the electric orange from the pistils, as well as a lot of white trichomes to indicate only the best quality marijuana.

There’s also a lot of resin on your hands, which leaves you smelling like Sweet Diesel for hours.

Sweet Diesel Strain Grow Info

Sweet Diesel is a simple and rapid-growing plant, making it especially appealing to a wide range of people. It’s not hard to come by Sweet Diesel seeds, which is fantastic.

Expect your Sweet Diesel to flourish in most environments, growing between eight and ten weeks from seed. The yield isn’t anything special to note – you won’t end up with a lot of usable marijuana.

However, as long as you give it some love and fertilizer on a regular basis, this strain does not need much work to produce.

THC Content – Highest Test

Sweet Diesel marijuana is well-known for its powerful effects, as well as the speed with which they take hold. Given its reputation, you’d expect Sweet Diesel to have a lot of THC, but it only has about 18 percent.

This is still a strong deal more powerful than many cannabis strains, but it isn’t approaching the dizzying heights of some samples. Its lower maximum THC concentration makes Sweet Diesel tolerable without being overpowering for novices.

CBD Content – Highest Test

There is no CBD in ‘Lime sherbet,’ according to the company. Sweet Diesel’s ancestors and generations of selective crossbreeding have produced a strain free of any CBD traces.

Medical Benefits of the Sweet Diesel Strain

The major medical advantages of Sweet Diesel are related to mood. Those who have difficulty with issues such as stress, sadness, or anxiety might find some comfort in this strain. However, it’s important to remember that the strong mental jolts this strain produces may cause paranoia in individuals who already have problems with it.

Sweet Diesel can also help patients who experience pain or tiredness. Sweet Diesel’s greater than average amount of THC ensures that pain is suppressed effectively. Furthermore, its strong energy boost is ideal for combating lethargy and tiredness.

Possible Side Effects of the Sweet Diesel Strain

You should also be cautious about this strain’s propensity to cause paranoia. Alongside the typical dry eyes and mouth, you must be on guard for these episodes:

Due to the huge stampede and fast effects of this strain when taken in high dosages, people with anxiety may have a terrible time.

Furthermore, be certain you don’t take too much at once, as the head rush effects can make you feel faint if you aren’t cautious!

Final Thoughts on the Sweet Diesel Strain

Sweet Diesel is a subtype of cannabis that is not typically found these days, so if you come across some, please don’t pass it up.

There’s nothing quite like a genuine sativa high, especially when it comes from such an amazing strain as Sweet Diesel.

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