Sweet Diesel Strain Review

This is a light, relaxing pure sativa with an excellent flavor that’s perfect for leisurely days and peaceful nights. It’s extremely unusual to come across a souche that isn’t a hybrid because much time has been spent carefully breeding them over decades.

Hybrid cannabis strains have a lot of advantages, but the culture has gotten used to them over time. However, pure sativas are uncommon these days, unless you really seek for one. You could discover the Diesel doux strain, a potent, pure sativa with a strong punch if you look hard enough.

Let’s look at this strain and see if it’s really worth choosing a real sativa over an indica.

What Is the Sweet Diesel Strain?

The offspring of OG Kush and Sour Diesel is a powerful, stunning plant that mixes two ancient, classic types: OG Kush and Sour Diesel. With such illustrious parents to live up to, this strain will have a lot to prove.

Fortunately, it not only matches its parents in both effectiveness and flavor; it also has unique characteristics.

The taste of Dream Kush is described by some as a sweet-vanilla scent, while others claim that it has the fragrance of an old book.

Expect to be torn between calm relaxation and a creative, almost vibrating energy. It may genuinely be disorienting if you aren’t expecting it; ensure you have a creative or physical pastime to release excess energy.

It is a conflict that makes sense because of the mixture of Diesel and Kush DNA, although it can be overwhelming at times.


The scent of this strain is very similar to that of its Diesel forefathers, with a strong, sour flavor. Despite how odd it may appear, you might expect to feel like you’re approaching a mostly floral gas station.


The aroma and taste of this strain are mostly Diesel-like, though it has a greater depth. You’ll feel as if you’ve got a big clump of pure loam on your tongue, coating your tongue and filling your mouth with flavor.


Sweet Diesel buds are long and resemble chili peppers in appearance, with dark brown or light green leaves. The coloration is rich with electric orange pistils and plenty of white trichomes to distinguish only the finest quality bud.

There’s also a lot of resin on your hands, which leaves you smelling like Sweet Diesel for hours.

Sweet Diesel Strain Grow Info

Sweet Diesel is a rubber tree that has been bred to thrive in the United States, which you may now grow at home. You’ll need some Sweet Diesel seeds to do so, which is fortunately a simple thing to obtain.

Sweet Diesel is a fairly hardy plant, and it will thrive in almost any condition. It takes between eight and ten weeks for the flowers to appear. Keep in mind that its yield isn’t particularly remarkable – you won’t end up with a lot of usable marijuana.

However, as long as you give it a little care and fertilization on a regular basis, this strain requires minimal work to grow.

THC Content – Highest Test

Sweet Diesel cannabis is renowned for its strong effects as well as the speed with which they take hold. Given this reputation, you would assume Sweet Diesel has a high amount of THC, but it only reaches up to around 18%.

This strain is quite potent, but it isn’t nearly as strong as certain cannabis strains. It’s comparable to a lot of other indica-dominant cannabis strains and has shown to be considerably more powerful than Bubba Kush, which is one of the most popular strains in America.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The breed’s parent, ‘Diesel’, didn’t contain any CBD. It was bred from the strains ‘Haze’ and ‘Indica 4’. Its genetics and generations of careful crossbreeding have resulted in a strain that doesn’t include any CBD traces.

Medical Benefits of the Sweet Diesel Strain

Sweet Diesel has several medical advantages. The mental health benefits of Sweet Diesel are significant. This strain can provide some comfort to individuals who suffer from stress, sadness, or anxiety. However, it’s important to remember that the strong mental highs produced by this strain may induce paranoia in people who already have a vulnerability to it.

Sweet Diesel is also high in CBD, which can aid with pain and tiredness. Its higher-than-average THC content ensures that it is effective at reducing pain. In addition, its strong energy boost may help you beat drowsiness and tiredness.

Possible Side Effects of the Sweet Diesel Strain

You should be on the lookout for bouts of paranoia in addition to the typical pair of dry eyes and mouth.

Although many people report having an overall pleasant and pleasant high, there are some who have experienced paranoia with this strain as a result of the huge rush and sudden effects when taken in excess.

Finally, be careful not to take too much at once because the head rush side effects can leave you feeling faint if you aren’t!

Final Thoughts on the Sweet Diesel Strain

Sweet Diesel is a hybrid strain, therefore it’s uncertain whether you’ll be able to obtain any. If you come across some Sweet Diesel, by all means try it out. It’s not as popular nowadays as pure sativas, so if you come across any, grab some.

Whether you’re new to cannabis or an experienced user, Sweet Diesel will provide a euphoric experience like no other. There is nothing that compares to the sensation of a real sativa high, especially when it’s from such an amazing strain as Sweet Diesel.

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