Weed Storage: Best Way to Store Cannabis

Do you require cannabis to be kept for a period of two years? When marijuana is properly stored, cannabinoids like THC can survive. In other words, if your marijuana is kept correctly, it will stay potent longer. What are the necessary details? Marijuana begins to degrade after being put in storage. This article will show you how to prevent this from occurring. Use Grinders – Various Designs for Weed Storage.

Ultimate Ways to Store Your Cannabis

There are a number of reasons why your marijuana might go bad rapidly. Here are four simple things you can do to keep your marijuana potent:

1. Keep Your Bud Safe from the Air

Cannabis should be stored at a temperature of 70°F to 80°F and a relative humidity of 60% to 80%. Temperatures well below these levels, as with extreme cold or heat, can have an irreversible effect on the plant. When it comes to storing cannabis for lengthy periods of time, temperature, humidity, and oxygen levels are all significant. If the level of moisture is insufficient, mildew or mold may grow. On the other hand, an excess amount of oxygen has a damaging impact on the plant.

So, how can you safeguard your cannabis from the elements?

Vacuum sealing is another alternative. It’s the ideal method to keep your marijuana from getting too much air. If you don’t have vacuum packing bags, jars are a viable option. Airtight containers are a simple method to store your items. Just make sure the lids completely seal.

How to Choose an Airtight Cannabis Storage Container

Take a look at the jar’s dimensions first. Despite the fact that no air is leaking in, the jar itself may be holding extra oxygen inside it. As a consequence, your cannabis will decompose.

Select a container that is big enough to hold your cannabis while not suffocating it, and has just enough room inside. This prevents the container from absorbing moisture.

2. Keep Moisture Away from Your Marijuana

Moldy marijuana is harmful to smoke. If you can, avoid smoking it. The easiest approach to prevent mold on your cannabis is to keep it moist at all times. However, you don’t want it to dry out entirely. As a result, your cannabinoids and terpenes break down due to the moisture loss. These are the two most essential components of your plant.

To maintain the quality of your marijuana over time, check the humidity levels on a regular basis. The ideal humidity level should be 59 to 63 percent. nThe term “RH” refers to air moisture rather than what it can hold, and it is measured on a scale ranging from 0 to 100.

Quick tip: 

Humidity Control Packets assist you keep your grip by making minimal effort.

3. Minimize Light Exposure

The most efficient technique to eliminate the cannabinoids from your cannabis is to expose it to light. Light, like a lot of other things, has the ability to transform things. The color in your hair might fade or the paint on your automobile may scratch and flake, for example. Marijuana can also be damaged by this process.

Here’s what happens:

UV radiation destroys your plants’ terpenes and cannabinoids. To prevent this, limit your exposure to light. What’s the best way to do it? Of course, keep it in an opaque container. Avoid any kind of direct sunlight as well.

4. Maintain a mild temperature

When buds are exposed to high heat, they tend to dry up rapidly. As a result of this, the terpenes would evaporate, leaving you with an unpleasant aftertaste and harsh smoke. Mildew and mold can also thrive in temperatures between 78 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is why you should keep your marijuana below 78 degrees to avoid it losing its strength.

The majority of people just advise storing marijuana in a “cool and dark” environment. The refrigerator is the most popular response.

However, if you put your cannabis in the fridge, it will turn soggy and moldy. You may also try to store your items for long-term usage by freezing them. However, overly low temperatures might destroy the potency of your plants as a result of shattering delicate trichomes.

According to this study, the best location for long-term cannabis storage is in a dark corner, basement, drawer, or closet.

More Tips for Storing Marijuana Long-Term

If you apply the guidelines above, you should be successful. However, if you want to improve your chances of succeeding even more, consider doing these things:

  • Choose Your Storage Container Wisely – When your marijuana is kept in plastic containers, the likelihood of sweating increases. If you don’t have a vacuum sealer, keep it in mason jars or other glass or ceramic container. Simply make sure the lid closes tightly to keep the cannabis fresher for longer if you don’t have a vacuum sealer.
  • Control the Moisture – According to old-timers, add fruit rings to your ceramic or glass marijuana jars to improve flavor and rehydrate buds. However, because it may absorb too much moisture from your buds, you should be careful since this might cause moldy cannabis.
  • Store Cannabis by Itself – When preparing for long-term storage, make sure your marijuana is kept alone. Cannabis should not be stored with pipes, lighters, or other accessories. These items produce an unpleasant smell. Your cannabis may absorb the odor of these goods and alter its fragrance and flavor.
  • Avoid Using Tobacco Humidors – The majority of humidors are made of cedarwood. Because the oil from the wood may permeate your plants and change the flavor of the buds.

Perhaps you have a lot of marijuana and don’t want to use it all up right away. Perhaps you picked out a fantastic souche from the dispensary, and you don’t want to risk losing potency. Whatever the case may be, monitoring how to store bud effectively will help ensure that your cannabis retains its freshness, allowing you to enjoy it when you’re ready.

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