Diamond OG *Indica*


Diamond OG is a hybrid strain that consists of 75% indica and 25% sativa, created by combining the classic OG Kush with another unknown hybrid. With its stunningly beautiful buds, it’s no wonder why this bud has been named Diamond OG! Its nuggets are shaped like hearts and have an icy green hue along with thin orange hairs which are covered in clustered snowy-white trichomes oozing sticky sap. Anyone who prefers the subtle effects of Indica will surely enjoy this rare gem.As you break apart the sparkling little nuggets, a potent aroma of diesel and sour citrus is released. The flavor profile follows suit with a sweet and tangy citrus-diesel overtone accompanied by tasty notes of woody pine, earthiness, and more. After your last exhale comes the Diamond OG high that brings about lifted happiness and an overall mental serenity in just minutes! Allow your body to sink into a state of total relaxation, devoid of aches or lassitude.

Ce produit est actuellement en rupture d’inventaire et indisponible.

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