Nova Cannabis

Since the inception of recreational cannabis in Canada, the marijuana industry has evolved for the better. Instead of having to go down to the street to buy their favorite goods, residents all over Canada are now receiving them through postal mail order delivery. More people are taking advantage of ordering their cannabis online than ever before.

With more and more people using cannabis, the market has boomed. This growth in demand, combined with an increase in supply, is due to the arrival of more and more online cannabis dispensaries. While these new businesses boost the quantity and variety of marijuana on the market, they also have a few drawbacks. The biggest disadvantage – too many options

Today, weed enthusiasts from both new and seasoned alike confront several issues. They don’t know which dispensary is best, nor what variety, brand, or flavor to purchase. With so many options available, many consumers are perplexed. In this scenario, we feel like the only thing that can assist cannabis users all around the country is an expert viewpoint and advise. Expert guidance and recommendations to help customers make informed buying decisions at their local dispensaries

This is precisely what we aim to provide, comparing the most important features of the top online marijuana dispensaries to determine which one is superior.

Today, we’ll look at UBERWEED and Nova Cannabis weed delivery and compare important elements such as product ranges, qualities, pricing, and discounts. Let’s get started.


What Do You Have to Know about Nova Cannabis?

Nova weed delivery is a leading Canadian cannabis retailer, with the goal of changing the cannabis retail market by offering an extensive range of high-quality cannabis goods at everyday best value pricing. The company currently owns or operates 78 stores in Alberta, Ontario, and Saskatchewan under its “Value Buds” brand.

Nova cannabis delivery has announced changes to its Board of Directors and management team, as well as the organization of its Ontario retail operations, in connection with the conclusion of the acquisition (the “Acquisition”) of all issued and outstanding common shares of Alcanna Inc. (Alcanna). Sundial Growers Inc. acquired an approximately 63% ownership interest in Nova by acquiring an approximately 63% ownership interest in Alcanna indirectly through the Transaction.

Thomas Bitove, Ross Sinclair, Marvin Singer, and Darren Karasiuk have all resigned from the Board while Ron Hozjan will continue to serve as a director of the Company and has been named Chair of the Audit Committee.

The Company also announced that Darren Karasiuk, President and Chief Executive Officer, has resigned, and that Marcie Kiziak, currently the company’s Chief Operating Officer, has been named president of Nova and President of Sundial’s cannabis retail division, effective immediately.