Distillate & Rick Simpson Oil

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THC Distillate Canada and Rick Simpson Oil: Cannabis oil distillate and Rick Simpson Oil may be the ideal solution for you if you want the cleanest, clearest, and most powerful cannabis concentrate available on the market.

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Distillate & Rick Simpson Oil

Goo Goodness 1000mg THC Rick Simpson Oil


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Distillate & Rick Simpson Oil

Goo Goodness Distillate – 1000mg THC


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Distillate & Rick Simpson Oil

Goo Goodness Phoenix Tears – 1:1 THC & CBD


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Difference Between Distillate & Rick Simpson Oil Overview

THC distillates can be taken orally, sublingually, or through the transdermal application. They can also be vaporized and inhaled (e.g. dabbing).

RSO should only be consumed orally, and it is a full-spectrum product, which means that there are many cannabinoids in the product. These include CBD, THC, CBG, CBN, etc. RSO stands out because it is not isolated like distillates.

Using Distillate Products in Canada

Smoking distillate employs the same method as smoking shatter.

A dab rig is the most common way to consume distillate, with a dab rig being the most popular form of smoking apparatus. A dab rig resembles a bong and includes a vertical chamber as well as a mouthpiece and a hole for inserting a tiny glass nail/banger.

Use a blowtorch to heat up the nail until it turns red. Then, use a metal dabber to scoop up some distillate and apply it onto the nail. The oil will combust immediately, creating a dense plume of smoke that you can inhale through the rig. Dab rigs are by far the best way to smoke shatter, but you could also roll them into joints, “hot knife” them, or smoke them in pipes or vaporizers.

A hot knife is a term used to describe the process of eating cannabis. Two knives, or any other similarly shaped, flat, metal object, are heated to the point of bright red heat using this technique. This is typically done on a stove's burner but can also be accomplished with a blow torch or other source of fire.

Distillate & RSO Edibles

If you want to have a good time with edibles, go slow at first. This is especially crucial when working with homemade edibles since they can be hard to dose. You could make edibles using concentrates like distillate or RSO, but our pre-made edibles are much simpler to get accurate dosages from.

Where to Buy Distillate & RSO in Canada

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