Hibiscus Crunch *Sativa*


This 100% sativa was first created by Apothecary Genetics breeders as a combination of the popular Strawberry Cough sativa and Super Silver Haze. Very Berry, also known as “Very Berry Haze”, is a 100% pure sativa, created by crossing the classic Strawberry Cough X Super Silver Haze. This bud is infamous for its super-sweet and fruity flavor that is almost like a plate of fresh fruit salad, accentuated by a sweet haze. Sativa lovers rejoice! This variety is a berry mouthwash with all of the most desirable properties that pure sativas are renowned for. Created from two incredibly aromatic and valuable varieties, Strawberry Cough and Super Silver Haze, Very Berry Haze is an invigorating drink that lasts all day. Very Berry Haze has a THC level of 18-23% on average, which is often a good choice for first-time consumers, not only because of the THC level, but also because of its delicious taste. His thrill begins with a head movement, which will immediately lift his spirits and help him concentrate. This may not last long, however, as some reviewers point out that it can easily distract the mind or be distracted. Both mind and body will get rid of stress, pain will subside.

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