Ice Cream Gelato LSO *Hybrid*


Get ready to indulge in the ultimate sweet treat – Ice Cream Gelato! This indica-dominant hybrid is created by crossing two deliciously potent strains, Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake. Its name says it all – enjoy a sugary vanilla flavor made up of nutty cake notes with fresh fruity undertones. The aroma follows suit as well, smelling like creamy sugar blended together with nuts and fruits for an utterly delicious experience that no indica lover can resist! The Ice Cream Gelato high is a euphoric experience that will have you feeling relaxed and content. Your mind will be lifted to new heights of sociability, making you highly outgoing and prone to laughter for hours. Simultaneously, the calming body effects take hold without causing too much drowsiness – so settle in on the couch and enjoy! Ice Cream Gelato is renowned for its powerful effects, boasting an average THC level of 20-26%. This incredible bud helps to alleviate chronic pain, depression and stress. It features fat and dense olive green nuggets adorned with thin orange hairs accompanied by a sprinkling of tiny golden white trichomes. All in all, Ice Cream Gelato is the perfect choice for anyone looking to combat their mood swings or anxiety!

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