Justin Trudope Five Star Organic LSO Exotics *Hybrid*


Lemon Trap House is a hybrid created by crossing two popular varieties: Lemon G and Silver Haze. The most interesting part of the process of creating this strain was the use of the lemon-flavored terpene that gave it its name. This terpene, found in many other strains as well, exudes a scent that smells like citrus fruits like lemons or limes. Many people report feeling refreshed and happy after smoking this strain due to its invigorating effect. The aroma of this variety is light and earthy, with a sweet citrus undertone that any smoker will surely enjoy. Many describe it as invigorating in nature due to its pleasant scent. This invigorating hybrid features a light aroma with an earthy sweetness blended together for your enjoyment. The Trap Star buds have fluffy, pointed olive green popcorn-shaped chunks with bright red hairs, a purple hue and a frosty white bloom of tiny crystalline trichomes.

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