Lemonade Packwoods Medellin


Lemonade Packwoods Medellin is a cross of Sour Diesel, New York City Diesel, and Strawberry Diesel. The proportion of sativa to indica in the strain is unknown, but it has a lot more sativa than indica. If you have only a little amount, you might notice an increase in attention for a short time. However, using Lemonade Packwoods Medellin is more likely to result in intense relaxation followed by a deep and soothing euphoria overall.

When you administer a large dose, the risk of ‘brain melt’ rises. At this point, your primary objective is to locate as cozy a position as feasible so you can lie down. Users frequently remark about their feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and total lack of interest in anything.

Some individuals have utilized Lemonade Packwoods Medellin in an effort to be more creative, but it has actually had the opposite effect. They use too much and end up resting on the sofa like vegetables as a result of their mistake.

The pungent fuel odor of Lemonade Packwoods Medellin is the first thing you’ll notice. We’re not talking about the unpleasant stench of chemical gasoline here. Instead, it’s a pleasant scent with undertones of fruit. It might be because Lemonade Packwoods Medellin’s winning aroma is created by terpenes such as humulene, limonene, and beta-caryophyllene.

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