London Pound Cake Five Star Organic LSO Exotics *Hybrid*


Cactus Breath is an indica sativa strain from ThugPug Genetics that can be grown indoors (where plants will take a flowering time of 60 days) and outdoors. The dense embryos of this strain could easily pass for a barrel-shaped cactus hiding under a stone; its thick, full cups form round buds. Even with lightness in your limbs, you will soon find yourself tied to the couch and hopelessly soothing before you realize it. Cactus Breath buds have large, heart-shaped forest green bushes with fluffy amber hairs and tiny white crystal trichomes. Similar to its smell and taste, the effects of Cactus Breath are difficult to understand the first time. THC levels can vary depending on how this strain is grown, so make sure you check your THC levels before taking your first dose. These ups and downs are definitely good for books. He lunges forward with sativa energy.

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