Red Runtz *Hybrid*


Red Runtz is a perfect harmony of indica and sativa effects, created by crossing the classic Red Pop X Runtz strains. The flavor profile boasts a sour yet sweet raspberry candy overtone balanced with sugary fruits and fresh berries that will tantalize your taste buds. On inhale, you’ll be met with an aroma just as syrupy sweet: Aroma of raspberry berry accented by hints of tangy fruit, all finished off with a touchof spice for good measure! If you’re looking to experience the best both worlds have to offer in one strain – look no further than Red Runtz! Immerse yourself in the captivating Red Runtz high for an evening of pure serenity and relaxation. A pleasant euphoria will lift your spirits to blissful heights, while a heavy-bodied sedation takes hold over time. You may find that you’re ready to drift off into peaceful sleep before you even realize what’s happening! The perfect strain when searching for a little extra help to bid goodnight.

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