Stash & Co

The legalization of marijuana in Canada has sparked a boom in the mail order cannabis industry. In recent years, the number of online dispensaries in Canada has skyrocketed. With more and more clients ordering their marijuana online, the market has grown and new internet sites are opening every day.

Of course, the huge number of customers buying cannabis online is the driving force behind this growth. While purchasing marijuana on the internet is simple enough for seasoned buyers who know exactly what they want, it may be difficult for new consumers.

Things can get pretty complicated for new users when so many different types, strains, items, and websites are available. This is why we want to assist! Our goal is to compare all of Canada’s top online marijuana dispensaries to ensure that consumers new and veteran alike know exactly what to anticipate.

Today, we’ll look at Stash & Co cannabis delivery and UBERWEED, two of Canada’s most well-known online dispensaries. Product variety, quality, pricing, promotions and deals, and customer service will be our criteria for comparison. Let’s have a look!



What Do You Have to Know about Stash & Co?

Stash & Co. cannabis delivery is a privately held cannabis firm that wants to break away from the stigmas associated with retail marijuana by educating and interacting with its customers. Karan S. Holla, a multimillionaire businessman and philanthropist, founded Stash & Co., one of Canada’s most active dispensaries. Stash & Co. is a retail clothing line based in the Ottawa region that has earned a reputation for putting “the human element” at the forefront of its business strategy. “We have a fantastic team of passionate and driven people who make Stash & Co. what it is — a human-based experience,” says founder Karan S. Holla.

Stash & Co weed delivery, 1445 Merivale Road, is a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art 3500 square-foot multi-level cannabis store that will debut on October 15th 2020 and is the first of its kind. Stash & Co. is the first of its kind; it uses pneumatic tube technology to transport items from the fulfillment center to the retail area on several levels.

The Stash & Co weed delivery team wants to break the stigma surrounding marijuana by empowering individuals with information, as they are a well-known firm with operations in Ontario’s Toronto, Ottawa, London, Kitchener, Oshawa, Collingwood, and other areas.

Customers place their orders by speaking to a budtender/retailer or utilizing one of Stash & Co.’s bespoke order kiosks. The delivery is then sent down to the facility’s second floor, where it is filled and placed into a pneumatic pod that travels via a vacuum tube to the store.